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AddressCommunityYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
1 Hotel & Homes102 24th Street South Beach2014 $1,170,000161 condos,
417 hotel
1000 Museum1000 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2019 $5,900,00083Bay and City
1500 Ocean Drive1500 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $815,000111Oceanfront
151 at Biscayne14951 & 15051 Royal Oaks Lane North Miami2007 $230,000160City
1800 Club1800 N Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown2008 $260,000468Bayfront
26 Edgewater321 NE 26th St Edgewater Miami Midtown2018 $275,00089Bay and City
300 Collins300 Collins Ave South Beach2018 $1,200,00019Ocean & City
3030 Aventura3030 NE 188th Street Aventura2007 $799,00045Intracoastal
321 Ocean Drive321 Ocean Drive South Beach2015 $5,900,00021Oceanfront
3607900 & 7910 Harbor Island Drive North Bay Village2007 $263,000414Bayfront
400 Sunny Isles400 Sunny Isles Blvd Sunny Isles Beach2015 $699,000230Ocean & Intracoastal
50 Biscayne50 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2007 $205,000523Bayfront
57 Ocean5775 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2021 $1,600,00071Oceanfront
6000 Indian Creek6000 Indian Creek Drive Miami Beach2006 $585,00034Bayfront
900 Biscayne Bay900 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2008 $447,000516Bayfront
Acqualina17875 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2005 $2,345,000188 condos, 97 hotelOceanfront
Akoya6365 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2004 $415,000386Oceanfront
Alaqua3001 NE 185th Street Aventura2007 $234,000193Bay and City
Alexander5225 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1962 $389,000230Oceanfront
Alton Bay3900 Alton Rd South Beach2020 $1,700,00075Bay and City
Apogee800 South Pointe Drive South Beach2007 $7,590,00067Bayfront
Aqua6101-6103 Aqua Avenue Miami Beach2005 $899,000105Bayfront
Aria on the Bay488 NE 18th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2018 $350,000647Bay and City
Armani Residences18975 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2019 $1,500,000308Ocean & City
ARTECH2950 NE 188th Street Aventura2008 $280,000235Intracoastal
Asia Brickell Key900 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key2008 $1,250,000123Bayfront
Atlantic I at the Point21200 Point Place Aventura2004 $980,000125Ocean & Intracoastal
Atlantic II at the Point21150 Point Place Aventura1996 $250,000168Ocean & Intracoastal
Atlantic III at the Point21050 Point Place Aventura2000 $910,000158Ocean & Intracoastal
Atlantis on Brickell2025 Brickell Avenue Brickell1982 $425,00096Bayfront
Atrium3131 NE 188th Street Aventura2007 $430,000119Bay and City
Aurora17550 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2020 $915,00061Ocean & City
Aventura Marina3340 NE 190 Street Aventura2005 $359,000126Ocean, Bay &
Aventura Marina II3330 NE 190 Street Aventura2006 $380,000252Ocean, Bay &
Azure9401 Collins Avenue Surfside2005 $1,225,00076Oceanfront
Bal Harbour 10110155 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1977 $1,099,000172Oceanfront
Bal Harbour Tower9999 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1990 $2,495,000116Oceanfront
Balmoral9801 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1977 $625,000420Oceanfront
Barbizon Beach Club530 Ocean Drive South Beach1937 $345,00049Oceanfront
Bath Club5959 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2005 $1,475,000112Oceanfront
Bay House600 NE 27th St Edgewater Miami Midtown2015 $510,000164Bay and City
Bayside Village2011-2543 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1986-1988 $2,250,000104Oceanfront
Bayview Village4811-5391 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1992 $2,200,000111Oceanfront
Beach Club1800-1850 South Ocean Drive Hallandale2005-2007 $350,0001243Oceanfront
Beach House 83651 Collins Avenue South Beach2016 $8,000,0008Oceanfront
Beacon Harbour1660 S Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove2003 $2,780,00010Bayfront
Belaire6515 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2004 $445,000130Oceanfront
Bella Mare6000 Island Blvd Aventura2005 $1,350,000210Ocean, Bay &
Belle Plaza20 Island Avenue South Beach1962 $269,000226Bayfront
Belle Towers16 Island Avenue South Beach1958 $1,000,00046Bayfront
Bellini10225 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2004 $2,750,00080Oceanfront
Bentley Bay520 & 540 West Avenue South Beach2004 $589,000170Bayfront
Bentley Beach Hilton101 Ocean Drive South Beach2003 $369,000109Oceanfront
Bentley Condo Hotel510 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $386,00053Oceanfront
Biscayne Beach2900 NE 7th Avenue Edgewater Miami Midtown2017 $405,000399Bayfront
Biscayne Cove18151 & 18181 NE 31 Court Aventura1981 $185,000592Ocean & Intracoastal
Blue601 NE 36th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2005 $315,000330Bayfront
Blue Bay7929 West Drive North Bay Village2005 $410,00035Bayfront
Blue Diamond4779 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2000 $850,000315Oceanfront
Blue Lagoon5077-5085-5091-5099 NW 7th St Miami Airport2003 $129,000600Riverfront
Brickell Bay Club2333 Brickell Avenue Brickell1974 $348,000452Bayfront
Brickell Key II540 Brickell Key Blvd Brickell Key1991 $215,000397Bayfront
Brickell Key One520 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key1982 $270,000316Bayfront
Brickell on the River North31 SE 5th Street Miami River Brickell2006 $275,000404Riverfront
Brickell on the River South41 SE 5th Street Miami River Brickell2007 $280,000319Bay and City
Brickell Place1865 & 1901 &, 1915 & 1925 Brickell Avenue Brickell1975-1980 $273,9001000Bayfront
Brickell Townhouse2451 Brickell Avenue Brickell1963 $248,000359Bayfront
Bridgewater1881 NE 79th Street North Bay Village2006 $297,000118Bayfront
Bristol Tower2127 Brickell Ave Brickell1993 $847,000147Bayfront
Burleigh House7135 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1970 $236,900360Oceanfront
Capobella5025 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1995 $1,095,00084Oceanfront
Capri South Beach1445 16th Street South Beach2008 $1,450,00072Bayfront
Carbonell901 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key2005 $475,000338Bayfront
Caribbean Miami Beach3737 Collins Ave South Beach2009 $1,500,000103Oceanfront
Carillon Miami Beach6799, 6801 & 6899 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2008 $385,000433 & 151 hotelOceanfront
Carlisle on the Ocean9195 Collins Avenue Surfside1965 $325,000116Oceanfront
Carriage House5401 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1967 $300,000385Oceanfront
Carroll Walk9751 E. Bay Harbor Dr Bay Harbor Islands2003 $789,00039Bay and City
Casa del Mar881 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne1971 $1,250,000197Oceanfront
Casa Grande834 Ocean Drive South Beach1923 $360,00047Oceanfront
Cassa Brickell201 SW 17 Road Brickell2016 $370,00081Bay and City
Castle Beach Club5445 Collins Ave Miami Beach1966 $230,000570Oceanfront
Champlain Towers East8855 Collins Avenue Surfside1994 $815,00098Oceanfront
Champlain Towers North8877 Collins Avenue Surfside1981 $395,000113Oceanfront
Champlain Towers South8777 Collins Avenue Surfside1981 $590,000136Oceanfront
Charter Club600 NE 36th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown1973 $259,000456Bayfront
Chateau Beach17475 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2015 $1,190,00084Oceanfront
Cielo7935 East Drive North Bay Village2009 $675,00035Bayfront
Cite2000 N Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown2004 $259,900436Bayfront
Cloisters on the Bay3471 Main Hwy Coconut Grove2004 $2,195,00040Bay and City
Club Atlantis2555 Collins Avenue South Beach1982 $469,000320Oceanfront
Coconut Grove Bayshore2575 Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove1982 $650,00025Bay and City
Collins6917 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1969 $329,000239Oceanfront
Commodore Club155-199 Ocean Lane Drive Key Biscayne1974 $525,000187Oceanfront
Congress South Beach1024 - 1060 Ocean Drive South Beach2005 $274,00087Oceanfront
Continuum100 South Pointe Drive South Beach2002 $999,000318Oceanfront
Continuum II North Tower50 South Pointe Drive South Beach2008 $952,875203Oceanfront
Costa Brava11 Island Avenue South Beach1972 $450,000216Bayfront
Courts at Brickell Key801 Brickell Key Blvd Brickell Key2002 $410,000318Bayfront
Courvoisier Courts701 Brickell Key Blvd Brickell Key1997 $319,000272Bayfront
Crimson601 NE 27th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2015 $349,00090Bayfront
Crystal House5055 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1961 $309,000165Oceanfront
Decoplage100 Lincoln Road South Beach1965 $305,000667Oceanfront
Deering Bay13641 Deering Bay Drive Coral Gables1993 to 2003 $795,000300Bayfront
Del Prado18031 - 18071 Biscayne Blvd Aventura1971 $175,000660Ocean & Intracoastal
Delvista Towers20225 & 20355 NE 34 Court Aventura1982 $250,000400Ocean & Intracoastal
Drake1460 Ocean Drive South Beach1937 $429,00032Oceanfront
Eastside at Aventura3000 NE 188 Street Aventura2007 $450,00039Intracoastal
Echo Aventura3250& 3300 NE 188th Street Aventura2015 $799,000190Ocean & Intracoastal
Eden House6700 Indian Creek Drive Miami Beach North Beach2013 $389,00098Bayfront
Edition2901 Collins Avenue South Beach2014 $1,490,00026Oceanfront
Eighty Seven Park8701 Collins Ave Surfside2019 $3,400,00064Oceanfront
Eloquence on the Bay7930 East Drive North Bay Village2009 $325,000120Bayfront
Elysee788 NE 23 Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2020 $1,860,000100Bay and City
Epic Miami200 Biscayne Blvd Way Miami Downtown2008 $380,000360Bayfront
Executive4925 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1959 $385,000101Oceanfront
Faena House3315 Collins Avenue South Beach2015 $5,995,00047Oceanfront
Fairchild Coconut Grove3581 E. Glencoe St Coconut Grove2019 $1,700,00026Bay and City
Flamingo South Beach1500 Bay Road South Beach2006 $225,000522Bayfront
Floridian650 West Avenue South Beach1997 $400,000334Bayfront
Fontainebleau II4401 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2005 $675,000460Oceanfront
Fontainebleau III4391Collins Avenue Miami Beach2008 $669,000286Oceanfront
Four Ambassadors901 Brickell Bay Drive Brickell1968 $180,000748Bayfront
Four Seasons Brickell1425 Brickell Avenue Brickell2004 $350,000270Bayfront
Four Winds9225 Collins Avenue Surfside1967 $299,000144Oceanfront
Gables Club Tower I10 Edgewater Drive Coral Gables1996 $1,250,00099Bayfront
Gables Club Tower II60 Edgewater Drive Coral Gables2004 $1,600,00099Bayfront
Gables Harbour6901 Edgewater Drive Coral Gables1971 $460,00030Bayfront
Gables Waterway Towers90 Edgewater Drive Coral Gables1969 $250,500331Bayfront
Georgian1621 Collins Avenue South Beach1980 $345,000149Oceanfront
Gran Paraiso480 NE 31 Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2019 $720,000356Bay and City
Grand1717 N Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown1986 $299,000810Bayfront
Grand Bay Residences445 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne1996 $1,650,000138Oceanfront
Grand Bay Tower430 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne1999 $2,495,00094Oceanfront
Grand Venetian10 Venetian Way South Beach2001 $699,000134Bayfront
Green Diamond4775 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2000 $699,000315Oceanfront
Grove at Grand Bay2669 & 2675 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove2017 $799,00096Bayfront
Grove Hill Tower2645 S Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove1996 $1,200,00077Bayfront
Grove IsleGrove Isle Drive Coconut Grove1981 $569,000510Bayfront
Grove Towers2843 S. Bayshore Dr Coconut Grove1982 $550,00099Bayfront
Grovenor House2627 S Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove2006 $1,000,000166Bayfront
Hamptons South20201 E Country Club Drive Aventura2004 $995,000250Ocean, Bay &
Harborside3640 Yacht Club Drive Aventura1991 $345,000180Ocean & Intracoastal
Harborview4411-4731 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989 $2,250,00020Oceanfront
Harbour House10275 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2007 $245,000457Oceanfront
Harbour Park9901 E. Bay Harbor Dr Bay Harbor Islands2016 $429,00020Bay and City
Hidden Bay3370 Hidden Bay Drive Aventura2000 $249,000371Ocean & Intracoastal
ICON Bay460 NE 28th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2015 $450,000300Bay and City
ICON Brickell475 Brickell Avenue Brickell2008 $279,000745Bayfront
Icon Brickell Three W Miami 485 Brickell Avenue Brickell2009 $270,000500Bayfront
ICON Brickell Two495 Brickell Avenue Brickell2009 $400,000550Bayfront
Icon South Beach450 Alton Road South Beach2005 $695,000289Bayfront
Il Villaggio1455 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $1,500,000127Oceanfront
Imperial at Brickell1627 Brickell Avenue Brickell1983 $410,000161Bayfront
Imperial House5255 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1963 $370,000127Oceanfront
IOS on the Bay720 NE 62nd Street Miami Design District2008 $450,00045Bayfront
IRIS on the Bay25 -135 North Shore Drive Miami Beach North Beach2018 $799,00043Bay and City
Island Pointe10350 W Bay Harbor Drive Bay Harbor Islands1966 $224,500168Bayfront
Island Terrace5 Island Avenue South Beach1967 $359,900167Bayfront
Isola770 Claughton Island Drive Brickell Key1990 $262,000300Bayfront
IVORY9261 E. Bay Harbor Bay Harbor Islands2017 $600,00048Bay and City
IVY at Riverfront90 SW 3rd Street Miami River Brickell2008 $269,900500Riverfront
Jade Beach17001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2008 $799,000248Oceanfront
Jade Brickell1331 Brickell Bay Drive Brickell2004 $400,000338Bayfront
Jade Ocean17121 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2009 $940,000252Oceanfront
Jade Signature16901 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $650,000192Oceanfront
Kai at Bay Harbor9940 & 9960 W Bay Harbor Dr Bay Harbor Islands2016 $595,00058Bay and City
Kenilworth10205 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1975 $1,035,000151Oceanfront
Key Colony101-251 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1981 $679,0001200Oceanfront
Key Colony I Tidemark201 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1978 $525,000286Oceanfront
Key Colony II Oceansound251 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1979 $729,000314Oceanfront
Key Colony III Emerald Bay151 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1980 $725,000285Oceanfront
Key Colony IV Botanica101 to 181 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1981 $499,000291Oceanfront
King Cole900 Bay Drive Miami Beach North Beach1963 $190,000285Bay and City
L´Atelier6901 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2019 $3,995,00025Oceanfront
L´Excellence5757 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1991 $535,000137Oceanfront
La Costa5333 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1964 $375,000123Ocean & City
La Gorce Palace6301 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1995 $525,000208Oceanfront
La Perla16699 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $650,000326Oceanfront
La Tour4201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1995 $925,00067Oceanfront
Landmark20185 E Country Club Aventura1990 $389,000187Ocean & Intracoastal
Latitude on the River185 SW 7th St Miami River Brickell2007 $230,000427Riverfront
Le Parc at Brickell1600 SW 1st Avenue Brickell2016 $290,000124Bay and City
M Residences Marenas Resort18683 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2005 $395,000210Oceanfront
Maison Grande6039 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1971 $329,000502Oceanfront
Majestic Tower9601 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1998 $2,100,000153Oceanfront
Mansions at Acqualina17749 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2015 $5,900,00079Oceanfront
Mar Azul600 Grapetree Drive Key Biscayne1974 $949,000126Bay and City
Mar Del Plata6423 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1976 $395,000151Oceanfront
Marbella9341 Collins Avenue Surfside1989 $390,00088Oceanfront
Marina Bay Club18100 North Bay Road Sunny Isles Beach2002 $495,00099Bay and City
Marina Blue888 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2008 $334,000516Bayfront
Marina Palms17301 & 17111 Biscayne Blvd North Miami2016 $719,000468Intracoastal
Marina Tower19500 Turnberry Way Aventura1982 $349,000160Ocean & Intracoastal
Marina Village40101-40311 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1990 $170,000108Bayfront
Mark on Brickell1155 Brickell Bay Drive Brickell2001 $299,000370Bayfront
Markers4 Grove Isle Drive Coconut Grove2020 $2,200,00079Bay and City
Marquis1100 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2009 $735,000306 condos,56 suite-hotelBayfront
Mediterranean Village3700 Island Blvd Aventura1989 $499,00040Ocean & Intracoastal
MEi5875 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2008 $650,000134Oceanfront
Met 1300 S Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2008 $279,900447Bay and City
Metropolitan2475 Brickell Avenue Brickell2001 $284,900199Bayfront
Milano at Ocean Drive850 Ocean Drive South Beach1922 $685,0008Oceanfront
Millennium18671 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1999 $800,000120Oceanfront
Mimosa4747 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1962 $265,000221Oceanfront
Mint92 SW 3rd Street Miami River Brickell2011 $275,000530Riverfront
Mirador1000-1200 West Avenue South Beach1979 $190,000926Bayfront
Mirage8925 Collins Avenue Surfside1996 $799,00099Oceanfront
Mirasol2655 Collins Avenue South Beach1976 $349,000252Oceanfront
Missoni Baia700 NE 26th Terrace Edgewater Miami Midtown2021 $560,000249Bayfront
Monaco Yacht Club6800 Indian Creek Drive Miami Beach North Beach2021 $1,200,00039Bay and City
Monad Terrace1300 Monad Terrace South Beach2020 $1,725,00059Bay and City
Mondrian South Beach1100 West Drive South Beach2008 $269,000342Bayfront
Mosaic3801 Collins Avenue South Beach2006 $1,150,00084Oceanfront
Murano at Portofino1000 S Pointe Drive South Beach2002 $900,000189Bayfront
Murano Grande400 Alton Road South Beach2003 $1,000,000270Bayfront
Muse17141 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $2,500,00068Oceanfront
Mutiny2951 S. Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove1998 $190,000172Bayfront
My Brickell31 SE 6th St Brickell2013 $230,000192Bay and City
Mystic Pointe 10019195 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura1988 $290,000300Ocean & Intracoastal
Mystic Pointe 20019101 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura1989 $365,000353Ocean & Intracoastal
Mystic Pointe 3003600 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura1989 $240,000309Ocean & Intracoastal
Mystic Pointe 4003500 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura1990 $289,000308Ocean & Intracoastal
Mystic Pointe 5003530 Mystic Pointe Drive Aventura1991 $309,000483Ocean & Intracoastal
Mystic Pointe 6003400 NE 192 Street Aventura1991 $275,000251Ocean & Intracoastal
Neo Lofts10 SW South River Drive Miami River Brickell2004 $229,900210Riverfront
Neo Vertika690 SE 1st Court Miami River Brickell2006 $242,000443Riverfront
Netherland1330 Ocean Drive South Beach1936 $1,500,00033Oceanfront
New Wave725 NE 22nd Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2006 $429,90078Bayfront
Nine Island9 Island Avenue South Beach1981 $699,000274Bayfront
North Tower at Point21205 Yacht Club Drive Aventura1997 $519,000288Ocean & Intracoastal
Ocean Club - Ocean Towers791 & 799 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne2001 $2,100,000222Oceanfront
Ocean Club - Club Towers781-789 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1999 $1,575,000287Oceanfront
Ocean Club - Lake Tower765 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne2002 $1,150,00076Oceanfront
Ocean Club Lake Villa721 to 749 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne2001 $1,350,000802Oceanfront
Ocean Club Resort Villas701 to 719 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1997 $899,000802Oceanfront
Ocean Five448 Ocean Drive South Beach2006 $545,00013Ocean & City
Ocean Four17201 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $779,000264Oceanfront
Ocean House125 Ocean Drive South Beach2012 $1,500,00028Oceanfront
Ocean One19333 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1999 $975,000241Oceanfront
Ocean Place225 Collins Avenue South Beach2004 $799,00052Ocean & City
Ocean Point345 Ocean Drive South Beach1970 $280,000238Oceanfront
Ocean Point Beach Club17375 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2000 $369,000166Oceanfront
Ocean Seven9501 Collins Avenue, Surfside2014 $4,400,0007Oceanfront
Ocean Three18911 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2003 $859,000215Oceanfront
Ocean Two19111 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2001 $1,175,000254Oceanfront
Oceana Bal Harbour10201 & 10203 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2017 $2,100,000260Oceanfront
Oceana Key Biscayne350 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne2015 $2,180,000154Oceanfront
Oceanfront Plaza2625 Collins Avenue South Beach1980 $300,000192Oceanfront
Oceania I16425 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1990 $675,000164Oceanfront
Oceania II16445 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1993 $519,000165Oceanfront
Oceania III16485 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1991 $650,000164Oceanfront
Oceanside7400-8061 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989-1992 $4,950,000134Oceanfront
Oceanside Plaza5555 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1967 $270,000299Oceanfront
Okan Tower555 N Miami Avenue Miami Downtown2022 $340,900400Bay and City
One Bal Harbour10295 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2007 $2,990,000185 condos, 124 hotelOceanfront
One Bay 455 NE 39th St Miami Design District2018 $400,00038Bay and City
One Island Place3801 NE 207 Street Aventura1991 $685,000225Ocean & Intracoastal
One Miami325 - 335 S. Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2005 $288,000896Bayfront
One Paraiso3131 NE 7th Avenue Edgewater Miami Midtown2018 $699,000276Bayfront
One River Point24 SW 4th Street Miami River Brickell2020 $800,000350Bay and City
One Tequesta Point888 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key1995 $325,000288Bayfront
One Thousand Venetian1000 Venetian Way South Beach1983 $550,000122Bayfront
Onyx665 NE 25th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2007 $359,000118Bayfront
Opera Tower1750 N. Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown2007 $185,000635Bayfront
Palace at Bal Harbour10101 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1994 $1,900,000102Oceanfront
Palace on Brickell1541 Brickell Avenue Brickell1981 $575,000254Bayfront
Palau Sunset Harbor1201 20th Street South Beach2016 $599,00045Bay and City
Palazzo del Mare7111-7193 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island2008 $7,100,00032Oceanfront
Palazzo del Sol7000 - 7095 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island2015 $5,900,00047Oceanfront
Palm Bay Towers720 NE 69th Street Miami Design District1972 $950,00066Bay and City
Palm Bay Yacht Club780 NE 69thStreet Miami Design District1982 $250,000235Bay and City
Paraiso Bay650 NE 32nd Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2018 $400,000356Bayfront
Paraiso Bayviews501 NE 31st Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2018 $415,000396Bay and City
Paramount Bay2020 North Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown2011 $624,000350Bayfront
Paramount Miami Worldcenter800 NE 1st Avenue Miami Downtown2019 $659,000466Bay and City
Parc at Turnberry19400 Turnberry Way Aventura2006 $419,000110Ocean, Bay &
Parc Central East3300 NE 192 Street Aventura1990 $225,000350Ocean, Bay &
Parc Central South3300 NE 191 Street Aventura1990 $245,000350Ocean, Bay &
Park Grove2701 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove2018 $850,000289Bay and City
Parque Towers330 Sunny Isles Blvd Sunny Isles Beach2019 $800,000320Ocean & Intracoastal
Pavilion5601 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1968 $285,000405Oceanfront
Peloro Miami Beach6610 & 6620 Indian Creek Miami Beach North Beach2016 $445,000115Bay and City
Peninsula3201 NE 183rd Street Aventura2004 $920,000223Ocean &
Peninsula II3301 NE 183 Street Aventura2007 $899,000230Ocean &
Pinnacle17555 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1998 $900,000242Oceanfront
Platinum480 NE 30th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2006 $265,000119Bayfront
Porsche Design Tower18555 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2017 $3,695,000132Oceanfront
Porto Bellagio17100 - 17150 N Bay Road Sunny Isles Beach2003 $259,000500Intracoastal
Porto Vita19955 NE 38 Court Aventura2000 $990,000375Ocean & Intracoastal
Portofino Tower300 S Pointe Drive South Beach1996 $849,000206Ocean & City
Portsview3610 - 3620 Yacht Club Drive Aventura1987 $269,000208Ocean & Intracoastal
Presidential401 Ocean Drive South Beach1970 $280,000238Ocean & City
Prive Island5000 & 5500 Island Estates Blvd Aventura2018 $2,300,000160Ocean, Bay &
Quantum1900 N Bayshore Drive Edgewater Miami Midtown2008 $215,000698Bayfront
Regalia19575 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2014 $7,995,00039Oceanfront
Regatta at Indian Creek6580 Indian Creek Drive Miami Beach North Beach2006 $280,00052Riverfront
Residences at Riverwalk1090 NW North River Drive Miami River Brickell2007 $595,00016Riverfront
Rimini Beach8911 Collins Avenue Surfside1998 $525,00055Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Residences455 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne2001 $410,000188Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Miami Beach4701 Meridian Ave Miami Beach2019 $2,000,000111 condos, 15 villasBay and City
Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles15701 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2020 $2,450,000210Oceanfront
Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour10295 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2008 $485,000124Oceanfront
Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove3350 SW 27 Avenue Coconut Grove2001 $459,000215Bay and City
RIVA Bay Harbor9400 W Bay Harbor Drive Bay Harbor Islands2013 $1,080,00025Bay and City
Riviera2401 Collins Avenue South Beach1980 $399,999188Oceanfront
Roney Palace2301 Collins Avenue South Beach1926 $350,000567Oceanfront
Royal Atlantic465 Ocean Drive South Beach1969 $375,000238Oceanfront
Sands of Key Biscayne605-615 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne1969 $975,000120Oceanfront
Sands Pointe16711 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1996 $750,000227Oceanfront
Santa Maria Brickell1643 Brickell Avenue Brickell1997 $1,575,000174Bayfront
Sayan16275 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $590,00092Oceanfront
Seacoast 51515151 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1966 $369,000444Oceanfront
Seaside Village19111-19253 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989 $1,350,00054Oceanfront
Seaside Villas15111-15923 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1988 $750,00048Oceanfront
Sereno10201 E Bay Harbor Dr Bay Harbor Islands2016 $850,00040Bay and City
Setai101 20th Street South Beach2005 $2,099,000163Oceanfront
Shelborne Hotel1801 Collins Avenue South Beach1940 $1,275,000341Oceanfront
Skyline on Brickell2101 Brickell Avenue Brickell2004 $315,000360Bayfront
SMART Brickell255 SW 9th Street Brickell2021 $319,00050City
Sole17315 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $270,000147Oceanfront
Solimar9559 & 9595 Collins Avenue Surfside2002 $730,000220Oceanfront
Sonesta Coconut Grove2889 McFarlane Road Coconut Grove2001 $199,000275Bayfront
South Bay Club800 West Avenue South Beach1966 $210,000344Bayfront
South Pointe Tower400 S Pointe Drive South Beach1987 $849,000220Ocean & City
Space017934 West Drive North Bay Village2006 $440,00054Bayfront
Spiaggia9499 Collins Avenue Surfside2005 $325,000104Oceanfront
St Louis Brickell Key800 Claughton Island Drive Brickell Key1995 $415,000134Bayfront
St Regis Bal Harbour9701 -9705 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2011 $2,175,000275Oceanfront
St Tropez North Beach7330 Ocean Terrace Miami Beach North Beach1999 $585,00092Oceanfront
St. Tropez150 & 200 & 250 Sunny Isles Beach Blvd Sunny Isles Beach2009 $630,000270Intracoastal
Star Lofts700 NE 25th Street Edgewater Miami Midtown2007 $259,00047Bayfront
Sterling6767 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1991 $525,000184Oceanfront
Sunset Harbour1800 & 1900 Sunset Harbour Drive South Beach1996 & 1998 $450,000214 & 216Bayfront
Surf Club9001 & 9111 Collins Avenue Surfside2017 $3,750,000119 plus 31 hotelOceanfront
Ten Museum Park1040 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2007 $349,900200Bayfront
Terrace Towers coop3 Island Avenue South Beach1962 $185,000144Bayfront
Terraces at Turnberry20191 E Country Club Drive Aventura1983 $429,000295Ocean & Intracoastal
Terzetto Villas2805 NE 185th Street Aventura2008 $399,00062Bay and City
The Harbour16385 Biscayne Blvd North Miami2018 $475,000330Intracoastal
Three Tequesta Point848 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key2001 $455,000237Bayfront
Tiffany10175 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1982 $790,000135Oceanfront
Towers of Key Biscayne1111 & 1121 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1972 $465,000269Oceanfront
Trump International18001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2003 $230,000374Oceanfront
Trump Palace18101 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $1,150,000278Oceanfront
Trump Royale18201 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2009 $650,000278Oceanfront
Trump Towers One16001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $865,000271 per towerOceanfront
Trump Towers Three15811 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $785,000271 per towerOceanfront
Trump Towers Two15901 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $980,000271 per towerOceanfront
Turnberry Isle North19707 Turnberry Way Aventura1980 $395,000270Ocean & Intracoastal
Turnberry Isle South19667 Turnberry Way Aventura1980 $245,000270Ocean & Intracoastal
Turnberry Ocean Club18501 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2019 $4,000,000154Oceanfront
Turnberry Ocean Colony16047 & 16051 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $1,875,000260Oceanfront
Turnberry on the Green19501 W. Country Club Dr Aventura2003 $255,000377Ocean, Bay &
Turnberry Towers19355 Turnberry Way Aventura1981 $425,000318Ocean & Intracoastal
Turnberry Village20000 E. Country Club Dr Aventura2007 $350,000455Ocean, Bay &
Two Tequesta Point808 Brickell Key Drive Brickell Key1998 $423,000268Bayfront
UNA Residences175 SE 25th Road Brickell2020 $942,000135Bay and City
Uptown Marina Lofts3029 NE 188th Street Aventura2006 $289,000216Intracoastal
Venetia555 NE 15 Street Edgewater Miami Midtown1980 $150,000384Bayfront
Venetian Isle801 N Venetian Drive South Beach1981 $650,00081Bayfront
Villa del Mare7201-7292 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1992 $11,750,00036Oceanfront
Villa Di Mare5801 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2002 $2,850,00013Oceanfront
Villa Regina1581 Brickell Avenue Brickell1982 $400,000120Bayfront
Village by the Bay3225 NE 184 Street Aventura1997 $239,000374Ocean & Intracoastal
Vizcayne244 Biscayne Blvd Miami Downtown2008 $239,000849Bayfront
W South Beach2201 Collins Avenue South Beach2009 $839,000511Oceanfront
Waterview20505 & 20515 E Country Club Drive Aventura1981 $225,000198Ocean & Intracoastal
Waverly South Beach1330 West Avenue South Beach2001 $360,000399Bayfront
Williams Island 10001000 Island Blvd Aventura1990 $349,000319Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 20002000 Island Blvd Aventura1995 $299,000284Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 26002600 Island Blvd Aventura1997 $1,185,000172Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 28002800 Island Blvd Aventura1990 $299,000159Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 30003000 Island Blvd Aventura1989 $400,000185Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 40004000 Island Blvd Aventura1985 $240,000180Ocean & Intracoastal
Williams Island 70007000 Island Blvd Aventura1998 $540,000299Ocean & Intracoastal
Wind by Neo350 S Miami Avenue Miami River Brickell2008 $240,000489Riverfront
Winston Towers 100250 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1970 $315,000412Ocean & City
Winston Towers 200251 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1971 $269,000396Ocean & City
Winston Towers 300230 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1973 $229,000416Ocean & City
Winston Towers 400231 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1974 $248,000420Ocean & City
Winston Towers 500301 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1976 $229,000420Ocean & City
Winston Towers 600210 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1981 $259,000391Ocean & City
Winston Towers 700290 NE 174th Street Sunny Isles Beach1980 $610,000390Ocean & City
Yacht Club at Aventura19501 - 19999 E Country Club Drive Aventura1994 $249,900425Ocean & Intracoastal
Yacht Club at Portofino90 Alton Road South Beach1999 $440,000361Bayfront
Yacht Harbour2901 S Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove1975 $449,900137Bayfront