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Minimum PriceUnitsViewsYear Built

3030 Aventura

3030 NE 188th Street


Admirals Port

2801 & 2851 NE 183 Street

$140,000640Intracoastal and City1974


3001 NE 185th Street

$270,000193Bay and City2007


2950 NE 188th Street


Atlantic I at the Point

21200 Point Place

$1,450,000125Ocean & Intracoastal2004

Atlantic II at the Point

21150 Point Place

$750,000168Ocean & Intracoastal1996

Atlantic III at the Point

21050 Point Place

$400,000158Ocean & Intracoastal2000


3131 NE 188th Street

$430,000119Bay and City2007

Aventura Marina

3340 NE 190 Street

$449,000126Ocean, Bay &

Aventura Marina II

3330 NE 190 Street

$560,000252Ocean, Bay &

Bella Mare

6000 Island Blvd

$1,350,000210Ocean, Bay &

Bellini Williams Island

4100 Williams Island Blvd

$1,290,00070Ocean & Intracoastal2013

Biscayne Cove

18151 & 18181 NE 31 Court

$185,000592Ocean & Intracoastal1981

Del Prado

18011 - 18081 Biscayne Blvd

$175,000660Ocean & Intracoastal1971

Delvista Towers

20225 & 20355 NE 34 Court

$250,000400Ocean & Intracoastal1982

Eastside at Aventura

3000 NE 188 Street


Echo Aventura

3250 & 3300 NE 188th Street

$799,000190Ocean & Intracoastal2015

El Dorado

3625 & 3675 N Country Club

$188,000216Ocean & Intracoastal1975

Flamenco Towers

3701-3731 N Country Club Drive

$195,000394Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Hamptons South

20201 E Country Club Drive

$995,000250Ocean, Bay &

Hamptons West

20281 E Country Club Drive

$370,000342Ocean & Intracoastal1984


3640 Yacht Club Drive

$345,000180Ocean & Intracoastal1991

Hidden Bay

3370 Hidden Bay Drive

$324,000371Ocean & Intracoastal2000


20185 E Country Club

$389,000187Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Marina Tower

19500 Turnberry Way

$549,000160Ocean & Intracoastal1982

Mediterranean Village

3700 Island Blvd

$345,00040Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Mystic Pointe 100

19195 Mystic Pointe Drive

$249,000300Ocean & Intracoastal1988

Mystic Pointe 200

19101 Mystic Pointe Drive

$329,000353Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Mystic Pointe 300

3600 Mystic Pointe Drive

$229,000309Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Mystic Pointe 400

3500 Mystic Pointe Drive

$329,000308Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Mystic Pointe 500

3530 Mystic Pointe Drive

$287,000483Ocean & Intracoastal1991

Mystic Pointe 600

3400 NE 192 Street

$275,000251Ocean & Intracoastal1991

North Tower at Point

21205 Yacht Club Drive

$299,000288Ocean & Intracoastal1997

One Island Place

3801 NE 207 Street

$549,000225Ocean & Intracoastal1991

Parc at Turnberry

19400 Turnberry Way

$387,000110Ocean, Bay &

Parc Central East

3300 NE 192 Street

$225,000350Ocean, Bay &

Parc Central South

3300 NE 191 Street

$235,000350Ocean, Bay &


3201 NE 183rd Street

$900,000223Ocean &

Peninsula II

3301 NE 183 Street

$790,000230Ocean &

Porto Vita

19955 & 20155 NE 38 Court

$1,300,000375Ocean & Intracoastal2000


3610 - 3620 Yacht Club Drive

$277,000208Ocean & Intracoastal1987

Prive Island

5000 & 5500 Island Estates Blvd

$3,190,000160Ocean, Bay &

South Tower at the Point

21055 Yacht Club Drive

$525,000288Bay and City2002

Terraces at Turnberry

20191 E Country Club Drive

$429,000295Ocean & Intracoastal1983

Turnberry Isle North

19707 Turnberry Way

$265,000270Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Turnberry Isle South

19667 Turnberry Way

$235,000270Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Turnberry on the Green

19501 W. Country Club Dr

$229,000377Ocean, Bay &

Turnberry Towers

19355 Turnberry Way

$425,000318Ocean & Intracoastal1981

Turnberry Village

20000 E. Country Club Dr

$210,000455Ocean, Bay &

Uptown Marina Lofts

3029 NE 188th Street



18800 NE 29 Ave & 2775 NE 187th St


Village by the Bay

3105 - 3225 NE 184 Street

$239,000374Ocean & Intracoastal1997


20505 & 20515 E Country Club Drive

$225,000198Ocean & Intracoastal1981

Williams Island 1000

1000 Island Blvd

$349,000319Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Williams Island 2000

2000 Island Blvd

$299,000284Ocean & Intracoastal1995

Williams Island 2600

2600 Island Blvd

$1,185,000172Ocean & Intracoastal1997

Williams Island 2800

2800 Island Blvd

$299,000159Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Williams Island 3000

3000 Island Blvd

$400,000185Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Williams Island 4000

4000 Island Blvd

$240,000180Ocean & Intracoastal1985

Williams Island 7000

7000 Island Blvd

$540,000299Ocean & Intracoastal1998

Yacht Club at Aventura

19501 - 19999 E Country Club Drive

$262,000425Ocean & Intracoastal1994

Aventura Condos - Featured New Construction Condos

Luxury Waterfront Aventura Condos

Aventura is one of South Florida's best-known communities and home to many upscale condominiums which attracts wide variety of people. From single young professionals, who enjoy the outdoor life, to families interested in the schools; many choose to own second homes here.

Boaters love Aventura and many waterfront condos offer marina services. For those who choose a condo that does not offer these services, boats can be stored and maintained at any of the city's marinas.

The country club life is also what Aventura is all about. Turnberry and Williams Island are two of the best choices to live with beautiful, luxury condominiums known around the world for their elegance. These country clubs have exquisite golf courses, tennis facilities, spa services, marinas, and banquet rooms. Whether you own a condo in one of these communities, or you are a club member, your every need will be met.

There is plenty to do. Aventura mall and the nearby shops have everything from movie theaters to fast food and fine dining, including many famous restaurants.

The city prides itself on excellent community service having recently finished a multi-million dollar, waterfront community center with a gym, basketball court, computer lab, and conference rooms. Aventura has also built the areas first charter elementary school in a state-of-the-art facility that educates 600 schoolchildren. Both public and private middle and high schools are also conveniently located.

Aventura Condos for sale

In addition to the condos for sale, there are also many for rent. The large singles community makes condominium rental a good option for many young professionals. With all that Aventura has to offer, the Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can ensure that you will find the perfect place to call home!

Aventura Condos for sale or rent

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