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AddressCommunityYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
1 Hotel & Homes102 24th Street South Beach2014 $1,348,000161 condos,
417 hotel
1500 Ocean Drive1500 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $815,000111Oceanfront
Acqualina17875 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2005 $2,345,000188 condos, 97 hotelOceanfront
Akoya6365 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2004 $415,000386Oceanfront
Alexander5225 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1962 $389,000230Oceanfront
Armani Residences18975 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $1,500,000250Ocean & City
Azure9401 Collins Avenue Surfside2005 $1,225,00076Oceanfront
Bal Harbour 10110155 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1977 $1,099,000172Oceanfront
Bal Harbour Tower9999 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1990 $2,495,000116Oceanfront
Balmoral9801 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1977 $625,000420Oceanfront
Baltus House4250 Biscayne Blvd Miami Design District2015 $292,000167Bay and City
Barbizon Beach Club530 Ocean Drive South Beach1937 $345,00049Oceanfront
Bath Club5959 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2005 $1,475,000112Oceanfront
Bayside Village2011-2543 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1986-1988 $2,250,000104Oceanfront
Bayview Village4811-5391 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1992 $2,200,000111Oceanfront
Beach Club1800-1830 South Ocean Drive Hallandale2005-2007 $489,0001243Oceanfront
Beach House 83651 Collins Avenue South Beach2016 $8,000,0008Oceanfront
Belaire6515 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2004 $445,000130Oceanfront
Bellini10225 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2004 $2,750,00080Oceanfront
Bentley Beach Hilton101 Ocean Drive South Beach2003 $369,000109Oceanfront
Bentley Condo Hotel510 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $386,00053Oceanfront
Blue Diamond4779 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2000 $850,000315Oceanfront
Burleigh House7135 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1970 $236,900360Oceanfront
Capobella5025 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1995 $1,095,00084Oceanfront
Caribbean Miami Beach3737 Collins Ave South Beach2009 $1,500,000103Oceanfront
Carillon Miami Beach6799, 6801 & 6899 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2008 $385,000433 & 151 hotelOceanfront
Carlisle on the Ocean9195 Collins Avenue Surfside1965 $380,000116Oceanfront
Carriage Club5005 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1964 $296,000331Oceanfront
Carriage House5401 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1967 $300,000385Oceanfront
Casa del Mar881 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne1971 $1,250,000197Oceanfront
Casa Grande834 Ocean Drive South Beach1923 $360,00047Oceanfront
Castle Beach Club5445 Collins Ave Miami Beach1966 $230,000570Oceanfront
Champlain Towers East8855 Collins Avenue Surfside1994 $1,490,00098Oceanfront
Champlain Towers North8877 Collins Avenue Surfside1981 $395,000113Oceanfront
Champlain Towers South8777 Collins Avenue Surfside1981 $540,000136Oceanfront
Chateau Beach17475 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2015 $2,500,00084Oceanfront
Club Atlantis2555 Collins Avenue South Beach1982 $469,000320Oceanfront
Collins6917 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1969 $329,000239Oceanfront
Commodore Club155-199 Ocean Lane Drive Key Biscayne1974 $525,000187Oceanfront
Congress South Beach1024 - 1060 Ocean Drive South Beach2005 $274,00087Oceanfront
Continuum100 South Pointe Drive South Beach2002 $999,000318Oceanfront
Continuum II North Tower50 South Pointe Drive South Beach2008 $952,875203Oceanfront
Corinthian5825 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1967 $348,000134Oceanfront
Crystal House5055 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1961 $309,000165Oceanfront
Decoplage100 Lincoln Road South Beach1965 $305,000667Oceanfront
Drake1460 Ocean Drive South Beach1937 $429,00032Oceanfront
Edition2901 Collins Avenue South Beach2014 $2,395,00026Oceanfront
Executive4925 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1959 $385,000101Oceanfront
Faena House3315 Collins Avenue South Beach2015 $2,995,00047Oceanfront
Fendi Chateau9349 Collins Avenue Surfside2016 $5,550,00058Oceanfront
Fontainebleau II4401 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2005 $675,000460Oceanfront
Fontainebleau III4391Collins Avenue Miami Beach2008 $669,000286Oceanfront
Four Winds9225 Collins Avenue Surfside1967 $439,000144Oceanfront
Georgian1621 Collins Avenue South Beach1980 $499,000149Oceanfront
Glass120 Ocean Drive South Beach2015 $9,500,00010Oceanfront
Grand Bay Residences445 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne1996 $1,950,000138Oceanfront
Grand Bay Tower430 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne1999 $2,975,00094Oceanfront
Green Diamond4775 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2000 $699,000315Oceanfront
Harborview4411-4731 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989 $2,250,00020Oceanfront
Harbour House10275 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2007 $245,000457Oceanfront
Il Villaggio1455 Ocean Drive South Beach1998 $1,500,000127Oceanfront
Imperial House5255 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1963 $370,000127Oceanfront
Jade Beach17001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2008 $799,000248Oceanfront
Jade Ocean17121 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2009 $940,000252Oceanfront
Jade Signature16901 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $3,900,000192Oceanfront
Kenilworth10205 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1975 $710,000151Oceanfront
Key Colony101-251 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1981 $679,0001200Oceanfront
L´Atelier6901 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach2018 $3,959,00020Oceanfront
L´Excellence5757 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1991 $890,000137Oceanfront
La Gorce Palace6301 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1995 $525,000208Oceanfront
La Perla16699 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $650,000326Oceanfront
La Tour4201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1995 $925,00067Oceanfront
M Residences Marenas Resort18683 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2005 $356,000210Oceanfront
Maison Grande6039 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1971 $329,000502Oceanfront
Majestic Tower9601 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1998 $2,100,000153Oceanfront
Mansions at Acqualina17749 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2015 $7,290,00079Oceanfront
Mar Del Plata6423 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1976 $395,000151Oceanfront
Marbella9341 Collins Avenue Surfside1989 $390,00088Oceanfront
MEi5875 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2008 $650,000134Oceanfront
Mercury100 Collins Avenue South Beach1921 $379,00044Oceanfront
Milano at Ocean Drive850 Ocean Drive South Beach1922 $685,0008Oceanfront
Millennium18671 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1999 $1,250,000120Oceanfront
Mimosa4747 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1962 $265,000221Oceanfront
Mirage8925 Collins Avenue Surfside1996 $799,00099Oceanfront
Mosaic3801 Collins Avenue South Beach2006 $1,780,00084Oceanfront
Muse17141 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $1,800,00068Oceanfront
Netherland1330 Ocean Drive South Beach1936 $1,500,00033Oceanfront
Ocean Club - Club Towers781-789 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1999 $1,575,000287Oceanfront
Ocean Club Lake Villa797 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne2001 $2,495,000802Oceanfront
Ocean Club Resort Villas717 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1997 $1,025,000802Oceanfront
Ocean Four17201 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $779,000264Oceanfront
Ocean House125 Ocean Drive South Beach2012 $11,000,00028Oceanfront
Ocean One19333 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1999 $1,050,000241Oceanfront
Ocean Point345 Ocean Drive South Beach1970 $280,000238Oceanfront
Ocean Point Beach Club17375 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2000 $399,000166Oceanfront
Ocean Seven9501 Collins Avenue, Surfside2014 $4,400,0007Oceanfront
Ocean Three18911 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2003 $859,000215Oceanfront
Ocean Two19111 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2001 $1,550,000254Oceanfront
Oceana Bal Harbour10201 & 10203 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2017 $2,225,000260Oceanfront
Oceana Key Biscayne350 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne2015 $2,180,000154Oceanfront
Oceania I16425 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1990 $675,000164Oceanfront
Oceania II16445 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1993 $569,000165Oceanfront
Oceania III16485 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1991 $650,000164Oceanfront
Oceanside7400-8061 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989-1992 $4,950,000134Oceanfront
Oceanside Plaza5555 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1967 $270,000299Oceanfront
One Bal Harbour10295 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2007 $7,990,000185 condos, 124 hotelOceanfront
Palace at Bal Harbour10101 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1994 $1,300,000102Oceanfront
Palazzo del Mare7111-7193 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island2008 $7,100,00032Oceanfront
Palazzo del SolFisher Island Drive Fisher Island2015 $7,200,00047Oceanfront
Park Grove2701 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove2017 $2,300,000289Bay and City
Pavilion5601 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1968 $285,000405Oceanfront
Pinnacle17555 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1998 $265,000242Oceanfront
Porsche Design Tower18555 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2017 $4,990,000132Oceanfront
Presidential401 Ocean Drive South Beach1970 $280,000238Ocean & City
Regalia19575 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2014 $9,950,00039Oceanfront
Residences at Riverwalk1090 NW North River Drive Miami River Brickell2007 $595,00016Riverfront
Rimini Beach8911 Collins Avenue Surfside1998 $525,00055Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Residences455 Grand Bay Drive Key Biscayne2001 $410,000188Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles15701 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $2,450,000210Oceanfront
Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour10295 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2008 $799,000124Oceanfront
Riviera2401 Collins Avenue South Beach1980 $399,999188Oceanfront
Roney Palace2301 Collins Avenue South Beach1926 $350,000567Oceanfront
Royal Atlantic465 Ocean Drive South Beach1969 $375,000238Oceanfront
Sands of Key Biscayne605-615 Ocean Drive Key Biscayne1969 $1,250,000120Oceanfront
Sands Pointe16711 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach1996 $750,000227Oceanfront
Sayan16275 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $660,00092Oceanfront
Seacoast 51515151 Collins Avenue Miami Beach1966 $369,000444Oceanfront
Seaside Village19111-19253 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1989 $1,350,00054Oceanfront
Seaside Villas15111-15923 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1988 $750,00048Oceanfront
Setai101 20th Street South Beach2005 $2,099,000163Oceanfront
Shelborne Hotel1801 Collins Avenue South Beach1940 $1,275,000341Oceanfront
Sole17315 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $329,000147Oceanfront
Solimar9559 & 9595 Collins Avenue Surfside2002 $1,150,000220Oceanfront
Spiaggia9499 Collins Avenue Surfside2005 $325,000104Oceanfront
St Regis Bal Harbour9701 -9705 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour2011 $2,175,000275Oceanfront
St Tropez North Beach7330 Ocean Terrace Miami Beach North Beach1999 $799,00092Oceanfront
Sterling6767 Collins Avenue Miami Beach North Beach1991 $525,000184Oceanfront
Surf Club9001 & 9111 Collins Avenue Surfside2017 $3,750,000119 plus 31 hotelOceanfront
The Harbour16385 Biscayne Blvd North Miami2018 $450,000330Intracoastal
Tiffany10175 Collins Avenue Bal Harbour1982 $790,000135Oceanfront
Towers of Key Biscayne1111 & 1121 Crandon Blvd Key Biscayne1972 $465,000269Oceanfront
Trump International18001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2003 $340,000374Oceanfront
Trump Palace18101 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $1,150,000278Oceanfront
Trump Royale18201 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2009 $650,000278Oceanfront
Trump Towers15811 &15901 & 16001 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2007 $865,000271 per towerOceanfront
Turnberry Ocean Club18501 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2018 $4,000,000154Oceanfront
Turnberry Ocean Colony16047 & 16051 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach2006 $1,875,000260Oceanfront
Villa del Mare7201-7292 Fisher Island Drive Fisher Island1992 $11,750,00036Oceanfront
Villa Di Mare5801 Collins Avenue Miami Beach2002 $2,850,00013Oceanfront
W South Beach2201 Collins Avenue South Beach2009 $839,000511Oceanfront

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