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AddressYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
1 Hotel & Homes102 24th Street 2014 $1,170,000161 condos,
417 hotel
1215 West1215 West Ave 2016 $279,00045Bay and City
1500 Ocean Drive1500 Ocean Drive 1998 $815,000111Oceanfront
200 Ocean Drive200 Ocean Drive 2000 $630,00020Ocean & City
300 Collins300 Collins Ave 2018 $1,200,00019Ocean & City
321 Ocean Drive321 Ocean Drive 2015 $5,900,00021Oceanfront
Alton Bay3900 Alton Rd 2020 $1,700,00075Bay and City
Apogee800 South Pointe Drive 2007 $7,590,00067Bayfront
Artecity2100 Park Ave 2007 $250,000205City
Barbizon Beach Club530 Ocean Drive 1937 $345,00049Oceanfront
Bayview Plaza1621 Bay Road 1997 $399,90078Bay and City
Beach House 83651 Collins Avenue 2016 $8,000,0008Oceanfront
Belle Plaza20 Island Avenue 1962 $269,000226Bayfront
Belle Towers16 Island Avenue 1958 $1,000,00046Bayfront
Bentley Bay520 & 540 West Avenue 2004 $589,000170Bayfront
Bentley Beach Hilton101 Ocean Drive 2003 $369,000109Oceanfront
Bentley Condo Hotel510 Ocean Drive 1998 $386,00053Oceanfront
Capri South Beach1445 16th Street 2008 $1,450,00072Bayfront
Caribbean Miami Beach3737 Collins Ave 2009 $1,500,000103Oceanfront
Casa Grande834 Ocean Drive 1923 $360,00047Oceanfront
Club Atlantis2555 Collins Avenue 1982 $469,000320Oceanfront
Congress South Beach1024 - 1060 Ocean Drive 2005 $274,00087Oceanfront
Continuum100 South Pointe Drive 2002 $999,000318Oceanfront
Continuum II North Tower50 South Pointe Drive 2008 $952,875203Oceanfront
Cosmopolitan South Beach110 Washington Avenue 2004 $399,000223Ocean & City
Costa Brava11 Island Avenue 1972 $450,000216Bayfront
Courts at South Beach100 Jefferson Avenue 1996 $699,000189Ocean & City
De Soleil Hotel1437 Collins Avenue 2006 $319,00080Oceanfront
Decoplage100 Lincoln Road 1965 $305,000667Oceanfront
Drake1460 Ocean Drive 1937 $429,00032Oceanfront
Edition2901 Collins Avenue 2014 $1,490,00026Oceanfront
Faena House3315 Collins Avenue 2015 $5,995,00047Oceanfront
Flamingo South Beach1500 Bay Road 2006 $225,000522Bayfront
Floridian650 West Avenue 1997 $400,000334Bayfront
Georgian1621 Collins Avenue 1980 $345,000149Oceanfront
Glass120 Ocean Drive 2015 $4,995,00010Oceanfront
Grand Venetian10 Venetian Way 2001 $699,000134Bayfront
Icon South Beach450 Alton Road 2005 $695,000289Bayfront
Il Villaggio1455 Ocean Drive 1998 $1,500,000127Oceanfront
Ilona Lofts221 Jefferson Avenue 2002 $925,00016City
Industry Lofts1560 Lenox Avenue 2006 $399,00017City
Island Terrace5 Island Avenue 1967 $359,900167Bayfront
Marea South Beach801 South Pointe Drive 2015 $1,495,00030Ocean & City
Mercury100 Collins Avenue 1921 $379,00044Oceanfront
Meridian2001 Meridian Avenue 2005 $425,000111City
Milano at Ocean Drive850 Ocean Drive 1922 $685,0008Oceanfront
Mirador1000-1200 West Avenue 1979 $190,000926Bayfront
Mirasol2655 Collins Avenue 1976 $349,000252Oceanfront
Monad Terrace1300 Monad Terrace 2020 $1,725,00059Bay and City
Mondrian South Beach1100 West Drive 2008 $269,000342Bayfront
Montclair Lofts1700 Meridian Avenue 2005 $575,00041City
Mosaic3801 Collins Avenue 2006 $1,150,00084Oceanfront
Murano at Portofino1000 S Pointe Drive 2002 $900,000189Bayfront
Murano Grande400 Alton Road 2003 $1,000,000270Bayfront
Netherland1330 Ocean Drive 1936 $1,500,00033Oceanfront
Nine Island9 Island Avenue 1981 $699,000274Bayfront
Ocean Five448 Ocean Drive 2006 $545,00013Ocean & City
Ocean House125 Ocean Drive 2012 $1,500,00028Oceanfront
Ocean Place225 Collins Avenue 2004 $799,00052Ocean & City
Ocean Point345 Ocean Drive 1970 $280,000238Oceanfront
Oceanfront Plaza2625 Collins Avenue 1980 $300,000192Oceanfront
One Ocean1 Collins Ave 2016 $1,695,00050Ocean & City
One Thousand Venetian1000 Venetian Way 1983 $550,000122Bayfront
Palau Sunset Harbor1201 20th Street 2016 $599,00045Bay and City
Parc Plaza1775 Washington Avenue 1983 $369,00064Ocean & City
Portofino Tower300 S Pointe Drive 1996 $849,000206Ocean & City
Presidential401 Ocean Drive 1970 $280,000238Ocean & City
Riviera2401 Collins Avenue 1980 $399,999188Oceanfront
Roney Palace2301 Collins Avenue 1926 $350,000567Oceanfront
Royal Atlantic465 Ocean Drive 1969 $375,000238Oceanfront
Sails1401 Bay Road 1999 $449,00052Bay and City
Setai101 20th Street 2005 $2,099,000163Oceanfront
Shelborne Hotel1801 Collins Avenue 1940 $1,275,000341Oceanfront
South Bay Club800 West Avenue 1966 $210,000344Bayfront
South Pointe Tower400 S Pointe Drive 1987 $849,000220Ocean & City
Sunset Harbour1800 & 1900 Sunset Harbour Drive 1996 & 1998 $450,000214 & 216Bayfront
Terrace Towers coop3 Island Avenue 1962 $185,000144Bayfront
Tribeca South Beach1500 Michigan Avenue 1940 $460,00012Bay and City
Triton Towers2899 Collins Avenue 1966 $199,000562Oceanfront
Venetian Isle801 N Venetian Drive 1981 $650,00081Bayfront
W South Beach2201 Collins Avenue 2009 $839,000511Oceanfront
Waverly South Beach1330 West Avenue 2001 $360,000399Bayfront
Yacht Club at Portofino90 Alton Road 1999 $440,000361Bayfront

South Beach Condos - Luxury Oceanfront Condos

South Beach condos line the waterfront locations along the Atlantic Ocean as well as Biscayne Bay. As the real estate land prices rose over the last two decades more and more South Beach condos were built to satisfy the demand from buyers from the United States, Canada, Central and South America as well as Europe and Asia.

South Beach is Miami Beach's most famous neighborhood. This exciting and distinctive area is a magnet for many of the world's celebrities, sports luminairies, famous musicians and actors and lots of wealthy visitors and residents alike. South Beach attracts those who want to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, the non-stop nightlife and the multitude of new South Beach condos, world class restaurants, hotels and spas.

Many new luxury waterfront South Beach condos have been completed along Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Investment in South Beach condos continues to be driven by the currency exchange rate differential in the dollar and the Euro, pound and yen.

Only twenty years ago South Beach was a decrepit, almost forgotten area. South Beach condo construction has now been revitalized by multiple condo-conversions, the most recent being the Flamingo South Beach and dozens of achitecturally thrilling new high rise waterfront condos like the ICON South Beach condos, Continuum and Apogee.

Many have visited South Beach and have decided to purchase one of these South Beach condos to call it home or, at least, a place for regular visits and recharging. Glamourized in the 1980's by "Miami Vice" and again by "CSI: Miami" today, South Beach is attractive to tourists from around the globe. Thousands of photo shoots and several dozen movies later, South Beach continues to draw millions of tourists annually.

Miami Beach is a series of connected islands just a few miles east of downtown Miami across Biscayne Bay with South Beach being the area south of Lincoln Road to South Pointe Drive. (see map) The clear water of the Atlantic Ocean and the expansive beaches draw in those who love to swim, surf, and play among the waves. South Beach has developed into a hot spot for TV, film, and high-fashion magazine commercials. Beautiful models are everywhere and are often seen in photo shoots.

Lincoln Road is one of the few "walking" neighborhoods of Miami, where one can walk to shopping, dining, and enjoy the South Beach scene. Here residents can hear the New World symphony or a Broadway performance at the Fillmore Jackie Gleason theater or stroll through the art galleries, historic buildings or unwind in luxury hotels, complete with spas and oceanfront pools. Just sitting in a sidewalk cafe and "people watching" can make for an interesting afternoon.

Ocean Drive magazine, with global distribution, caters to the fashion world and lets the rest of the world know what they are missing by not being in South Beach. The sun, waves, and fun are all here for the taking. Often motor scooters, bicycles, and roller blades are the most efficient means of transport and riders swerve between the auto traffic, especially at night, when South Beach really comes alive. Party-goers can party all night, dancing and drinking at the most stylish and exciting bars in the world. Then they can stroll on the boardwalk near the beach as the sun rises before heading home.

Greater Miami is culturally diverse with citizens of over 80 countries calling our town home and this is nowhere more evident than on South Beach. Walk along Ocean Drive and you will hear languages from around the world. Come join us in Paradise! and while you are here ask us about the amazing South Beach condos!

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In addition to the condos for sale, there are also many for rent. The large singles community makes condominium rental a good option for many young professionals. With all that South Beach has to offer, the Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can ensure that you will find the perfect place to call home!

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