Miami Bayfront Condos

Search Miami Condo Lifestyle for bayfront condos for sale here. Miami, Coconut Grove and Edgewater offer many bayfront locations which offer residents the breezes and wide water views as well as marinas to dock one's boat. Maintenance fees in bayfront buildings are offer more reasonable than in oceanfront buildings.

We have gathered as much information about each building sa possible for you. With over 100 bayfront buildings listed here, we are confident that you will find one that makes you happy!

The Miami Condo Lifestyle team is dedicated to helping you sort through the hundreds of potential opportunities to find just the right situation; condo or loft, condo-hotel or apartment to fit your lifestyle.

Miami Bayfront Condos

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CommunityMinimum PriceUnitsViewsYear Built

1800 Club

1800 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$260,000468Bayfront2008


7900 & 7910 Harbor Island Drive

North Bay Village$263,000414Bayfront2007

50 Biscayne

50 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$250,000523Bayfront2007

6000 Indian Creek

6000 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach$585,00034Bayfront2006

900 Biscayne Bay

900 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$475,000516Bayfront2008


800 South Pointe Drive

South Beach$7,190,00067Bayfront2007


6101-6103 Aqua Avenue

Miami Beach$899,000105Bayfront2005

Asia Brickell Key

900 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$1,100,000123Bayfront2008

Atlantis on Brickell

2025 Brickell Avenue


Beacon Harbour

1660 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$2,900,00010Bayfront2003

Belle Plaza

20 Island Avenue

South Beach$269,000226Bayfront1962

Belle Towers

16 Island Avenue

South Beach$1,000,00046Bayfront1958

Bentley Bay

520 & 540 West Avenue

South Beach$555,000170Bayfront2004

Biscayne Beach

2900 NE 7th Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$405,000399Bayfront2017


601 NE 36th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$315,000330Bayfront2005

Blue Bay

7929 West Drive

North Bay Village$410,00035Bayfront2005

Brickell Bay Club

2333 Brickell Avenue


Brickell Key II

540 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$187,000397Bayfront1991

Brickell Key One

520 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$209,000316Bayfront1982

Brickell Place

1865 & 1901 &, 1915 & 1925 Brickell Avenue


Brickell Townhouse

2451 Brickell Avenue



1881 NE 79th Street

North Bay Village$297,000118Bayfront2006

Bristol Tower

2127 Brickell Ave


Capri South Beach

1445 16th Street

South Beach$450,00072Bayfront2008


901 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$395,000338Bayfront2005

Charter Club

600 NE 36th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,000456Bayfront1973


7935 East Drive

North Bay Village$675,00035Bayfront2009


2000 N Bayshore Drive
2001 Biscayne Blvd

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,900436Bayfront2004

Costa Brava

11 Island Avenue

South Beach$450,000216Bayfront1972

Courts at Brickell Key

801 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$349,000318Bayfront2002

Courvoisier Courts

701 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$290,000272Bayfront1997


601 NE 27th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$369,00090Bayfront2015

Deering Bay

13641 Deering Bay Drive

Coral Gables$795,000300Bayfront1993 to 2003

Eden House

6700 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$389,00098Bayfront2013

Eloquence on the Bay

7930 East Drive

North Bay Village$345,000120Bayfront2009

Epic Miami

200 Biscayne Blvd Way

Miami Downtown$450,000360Bayfront2008

Flamingo South Beach

1500 Bay Road

South Beach$225,000522Bayfront2006


650 West Avenue

South Beach$400,000334Bayfront1997

Four Ambassadors

801 to 999 Brickell Bay Drive


Four Seasons Brickell

1435 Brickell Avenue


Gables Club Tower I

10 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$1,250,00099Bayfront1996

Gables Club Tower II

60 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$1,600,00099Bayfront2004

Gables Harbour

6901 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$460,00030Bayfront1971

Gables Waterway Towers

90 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$250,500331Bayfront1969


1717 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$265,000810Bayfront1986

Grand Venetian

10 Venetian Way

South Beach$699,000134Bayfront2001

Grove at Grand Bay

2669 & 2675 South Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$3,500,00096Bayfront2017

Grove Hill Tower

2645 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$1,200,00077Bayfront1996

Grove Isle

1, 2, & 3 Grove Isle Drive

Coconut Grove$569,000510Bayfront1981

Grove Towers

2843 S. Bayshore Dr

Coconut Grove$550,00099Bayfront1982

Grovenor House

2627 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$1,000,000166Bayfront2006

ICON Brickell

475 Brickell Avenue


Icon Brickell Three W Miami

485 Brickell Avenue


ICON Brickell Two

495 Brickell Avenue


Icon South Beach

450 Alton Road

South Beach$600,000289Bayfront2005

Imperial at Brickell

1627 Brickell Avenue


IOS on the Bay

720 NE 62nd Street

Miami Design District$450,00045Bayfront2008

Island Pointe

10350 W Bay Harbor Drive

Bay Harbor Islands$224,500168Bayfront1966

Island Terrace

5 Island Avenue

South Beach$359,900167Bayfront1967


770 Claughton Island Drive

Brickell Key$224,000300Bayfront1990

Jade Brickell

1331 Brickell Bay Drive



7901 Hispanola Avenue

North Bay Village$355,000164Bayfront2007

Marina Blue

888 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$345,000516Bayfront2008

Marina Village

40101-40311 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$170,000108Bayfront1990

Mark on Brickell

1155 Brickell Bay Drive



1100 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$610,000306Bayfront2009


2475 Brickell Avenue



1000-1200 West Avenue

South Beach$190,000926Bayfront1979

Missoni Baia

700 NE 26th Terrace

Edgewater Miami Midtown$800,000249Bayfront2022

Mondrian South Beach

1100 West Drive

South Beach$269,000342Bayfront2008

Murano at Portofino

1000 S Pointe Drive

South Beach$900,000189Bayfront2002

Murano Grande

400 Alton Road

South Beach$1,000,000270Bayfront2003


2951 S. Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$289,000172Bayfront1998

Mutiny Park Condo Hotel

2889 McFarlane Road

Coconut Grove$375,000275Bayfront2001

New Wave

725 NE 22nd Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$429,90078Bayfront2006

Nine Island

9 Island Avenue

South Beach$699,000274Bayfront1981

One Miami

325 - 335 S. Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$319,000896Bayfront2005

One Paraiso

3131 NE 7th Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$640,000276Bayfront2018

One Tequesta Point

888 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$325,000288Bayfront1995

One Thousand Venetian

1000 Venetian Way

South Beach$550,000122Bayfront1983


665 NE 25th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$359,000118Bayfront2007

Opera Tower

1750 N. Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$190,000635Bayfront2007

Palace on Brickell

1541 Brickell Avenue


Paraiso Bay

650 NE 32nd Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$400,000356Bayfront2018

Paramount Bay

2020 North Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$624,000350Bayfront2011

Park Grove

2811 - 2831 South Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$729,000289Bayfront2018


480 NE 30th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$265,000119Bayfront2006


1900 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$215,000698Bayfront2008

Santa Maria Brickell

1643 Brickell Avenue


Skyline on Brickell

2101 Brickell Avenue


South Bay Club

800 West Avenue

South Beach$210,000344Bayfront1966


7934 West Drive

North Bay Village$490,00054Bayfront2006

St Louis Brickell Key

800 Claughton Island Drive

Brickell Key$565,000134Bayfront1995

Star Lofts

700 NE 25th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,00047Bayfront2007

Sunset Harbour

1800 & 1900 Sunset Harbour Drive

South Beach$650,000430Bayfront1996 & 1998

Ten Museum Park

1040 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$3,305,000200Bayfront2007

Terrace Towers

3 Island Avenue

South Beach$185,000144Bayfront1962

Three Tequesta Point

848 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$425,000237Bayfront2001

Two Tequesta Point

808 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$423,000268Bayfront1998

UNA Residences

175 SE 25th Road



555 NE 15 Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$150,000384Bayfront1980

Venetian Isle

801 N Venetian Drive

South Beach$650,00081Bayfront1981

Villa Regina

1581 Brickell Avenue



244 Biscayne Blvd & 253 NE 2nd Street

Miami Downtown$215,000849Bayfront2008

Waverly South Beach

1330 West Avenue

South Beach$360,000399Bayfront2001

Yacht Club at Portofino

90 Alton Road

South Beach$440,000361Bayfront1999

Yacht Harbour

2901 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$449,900137Bayfront1975