Flamingo South Beach Condos For Sale

Flamingo South Beach, 1500 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

Building Summary

Flamingo South Beach
1500 Bay Road
Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

Community: South Beach

Architect: Bernard Zyscovich

Views: Bayfront

Year Built: 2006

Status: Immediate Occupancy

Bedrooms: Studios, 1, 2 & 3

Residence Size: 504 - 2598 sq. ft.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Walk Score: 80 (Very Walkable)

Total Residences: 522

Number of Stories: 15

Price Range:
$385,000 - $1,499,000

Condo Association Phone: 305-532-7583

Lifestyle Pictures of Flamingo South Beach Condos

Flamingo South Beach Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Flamingo South Beach Deck


Flamingo South Beach Aerial


Flamingo South Beach Cabana


Flamingo South Beach Spa


Flamingo South Beach Barbeque


Flamingo South Beach View


Flamingo South Beach Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Flamingo South Beach Condos - Miami Beach Florida

Flamingo South Beach Condos is the largest condo conversion project ever completed in Miami Beach. The South Tower has been completely converted to condominiums while the middle and north towers are still rental apartments.

Located on the west side of the island and an easy walk to Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive, Flamingo South Beach is smack in the middle of the action. Begin the day with a vigorous workout at Flamingo's 14,000 square foot state-of-the art fitness center. Relax by the new pool, take your pet ( yes, the Flamingo is very pet friendly) for a walk on the bayside promenade or just chill out.

The Flamingo's spacious and tastefully designed residences feature many upgrades and multiple floor plans.

The South Tower offers over five hundred (500) studios, one, two and three bedroom floorplans ranging in size from 500 to 2,598 sqft with ten different layouts from which to choose.

Flamingo South Beach Condos - Project Amenities

  • Huge 16.5 acre site
  • Business center
  • Covered parking
  • Package reception
  • 24 hour manned security
  • Valet Parking

Flamingo South Beach Condos - Residence Features

  • Central high efficiency air conditioning system
  • Cable ready
  • Washer and dryer in unit
  • Balconies in certain units
  • Bay and ocean & city views
  • Updated kitchens with pantry
  • Appliances include refrigerator,dishwasher, microwave and garbage disposal
  • Hardwood or ceramic tile floors
  • Berber Carpet

Flamingo South Beach Condos - Amenities

  • 14,000 SqFt fitness center
  • Spa Services
  • 1,300 Foot long baywalk
  • Bayfront infinity-edge pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sandy beach
  • Basketball court
  • Beach volleyball court

To see which residences are currently available for sale or rent, just click on the Flamingo South Beach Condos For Sale button to the upper left or contact the Miami Condo Lifestyle team at (305) 321-7043, to schedule a showing!

Keyplans for Flamingo South Beach

Keyplan 1 for Flamingo South Beach

Available Units in Flamingo South Beach

1 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
1254S$385,0001737 sq ft$522$5,623See Unit #1254S details
478S$395,0001953 sq ft$414$4,461See Unit #478S details
650S$399,0001770 sq ft$518$5,578See Unit #650S details
1558S$400,0001788 sq ft$508$5,464See Unit #1558S details
1554S$430,0001737 sq ft$583$6,280See Unit #1554S details
1202S$455,0001923 sq ft$493$5,306See Unit #1202S details
1002S$475,0001923 sq ft$515$5,539See Unit #1002S details
L42S$519,0001771 sq ft$673$7,246See Unit #L42S details

* TBD = "To be determined"

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
348S$599,00021061 sq ft$565$6,077See Unit #348S details
1562S$630,00021067 sq ft$590$6,356See Unit #1562S details
$675,00021062 sq ft$636$6,842See Unit # details
PH1560S$699,00021068 sq ft$654$7,045See Unit #PH1560S details
1122S$725,00021088 sq ft$666$7,173See Unit #1122S details
1548S$820,00021061 sq ft$773$8,319See Unit #1548S details
1528S$850,00021072 sq ft$793$8,535See Unit #1528S details

* TBD = "To be determined"

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
H12$999,0003927 sq ft$1,078$11,600See Unit #H12 details
114S$1,100,00031997 sq ft$551$5,929See Unit #114S details
714S$1,499,00032029 sq ft$739$7,952See Unit #714S details

* TBD = "To be determined"

Studio Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
S-0284$2,3391504 sq ftSee Unit #S-0284 details
S-1472$2,7191504 sq ftSee Unit #S-1472 details
S-1184$2,7691504 sq ftSee Unit #S-1184 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

1 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
S-1082$3,0751786 sq ftSee Unit #S-1082 details
M-0823$3,1041955 sq ftSee Unit #M-0823 details
1164S$3,2001731 sq ftSee Unit #1164S details
558S$3,2001788 sq ftSee Unit #558S details
374S$3,5001731 sq ftSee Unit #374S details
940S$3,5001.51027 sq ftSee Unit #940S details
758S$3,5001788 sq ftSee Unit #758S details
502S$3,5001923 sq ftSee Unit #502S details
N-0319$3,5521740 sq ftSee Unit #N-0319 details
1464S$3,7501731 sq ftSee Unit #1464S details
N-1019$3,8521740 sq ftSee Unit #N-1019 details
818S$4,0001727 sq ftSee Unit #818S details
608S$4,0001737 sq ftSee Unit #608S details
858S$4,0001788 sq ftSee Unit #858S details
1512S$4,0001745 sq ftSee Unit #1512S details
820S$4,0001729 sq ftSee Unit #820S details
N-0630$4,22111125 sq ftSee Unit #N-0630 details
C-2309$4,2241851 sq ftSee Unit #C-2309 details
N-0723$4,46111064 sq ftSee Unit #N-0723 details
840S$4,5001.51027 sq ftSee Unit #840S details
N-0114$4,5981825 sq ftSee Unit #N-0114 details
830S$5,0001722 sq ftSee Unit #830S details
774S$5,0001731 sq ftSee Unit #774S details
340S$5,0001.51027 sq ftSee Unit #340S details
802S$5,0001923 sq ftSee Unit #802S details

* TBD = "To be determined"

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
S-0270$3,80221175 sq ftSee Unit #S-0270 details
M-0924$3,86321338 sq ftSee Unit #M-0924 details
348S$4,50021061 sq ftSee Unit #348S details
N-1420$4,8902995 sq ftSee Unit #N-1420 details
862S$5,50021067 sq ftSee Unit #862S details
462S$5,50021067 sq ftSee Unit #462S details
1222S$5,50021088 sq ftSee Unit #1222S details
522S$6,50021088 sq ftSee Unit #522S details

* TBD = "To be determined"

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
N-0402$8,50531560 sq ftSee Unit #N-0402 details
714S$15,00032029 sq ftSee Unit #714S details
N-1416$16,39032564 sq ftSee Unit #N-1416 details
N-1415$18,79032572 sq ftSee Unit #N-1415 details
N-0701$25,80054351 sq ftSee Unit #N-0701 details
N-1401$30,45054351 sq ftSee Unit #N-1401 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

Unit #ClosedSold PriceList PriceBed/BathArea$/sq ft$/M2
1126SNov 4, 2022$625,000$675,0002 / 21091 sq ft$573$6,166
972SOct 31, 2022$330,000$360,0000 / 1454 sq ft$727$7,824
1256SOct 24, 2022$255,000$325,0001 / 1584 sq ft$437$4,700
1456sOct 17, 2022$340,000$348,0000 / 1584 sq ft$582$6,267
1414SOct 14, 2022$1,500,000$1,590,0003 / 3.52029 sq ft$739$7,958
1184SOct 7, 2022$295,000$380,0000 / 1497 sq ft$594$6,389
1252SOct 5, 2022$360,000$360,0000 / 1584 sq ft$616$6,635
254SOct 5, 2022$375,000$405,0001 / 1737 sq ft$509$5,477
1152SOct 5, 2022$320,000$400,0000 / 1584 sq ft$548$5,898
1076SOct 5, 2022$375,000$395,0000 / 1496 sq ft$756$8,138
652SSep 27, 2022$330,000$370,0000 / 1584 sq ft$565$6,082
1104SSep 20, 2022$360,000$360,0001 / 1742 sq ft$485$5,222
608SSep 8, 2022$320,000$360,0001 / 1737 sq ft$434$4,674
864SSep 8, 2022$430,000$460,0001 / 1731 sq ft$588$6,332
364SSep 8, 2022$455,000$474,0001 / 1731 sq ft$622$6,700
1244SSep 8, 2022$455,000$475,0001 / 1729 sq ft$624$6,718
1280SSep 8, 2022$359,000$359,0001 / 1747 sq ft$481$5,173
1252SSep 7, 2022$270,000$275,0000 / 1584 sq ft$462$4,977
410SAug 26, 2022$279,000$279,9000 / 1472 sq ft$591$6,363
540SAug 25, 2022$590,000$600,0001 / 1.51027 sq ft$574$6,184
1514SAug 25, 2022$1,375,000$1,590,0003 / 32029 sq ft$678$7,294
832SAug 16, 2022$450,000$480,0001 / 1722 sq ft$623$6,709
242SAug 5, 2022$375,000$385,0001 / 1728 sq ft$515$5,545
210SJul 29, 2022$249,000$249,9000 / 1472 sq ft$528$5,678
522SJul 28, 2022$599,000$599,0002 / 21088 sq ft$551$5,926
844SJul 18, 2022$475,000$460,0001 / 1728 sq ft$652$7,023
F5Jul 15, 2022$694,000$689,9902 / 2918 sq ft$756$8,137
322SJul 7, 2022$580,000$560,0002 / 21088 sq ft$533$5,738
808SJul 5, 2022$305,000$299,0001 / 1737 sq ft$414$4,455
134SJul 1, 2022$555,000$569,0002 / 21069 sq ft$519$5,588

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