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Key Colony, 101-251 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, Florida, 33149
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Key Colony
101-251 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne, Florida, 33149

Community: Key Biscayne

Views: Oceanfront

Year Built: 1981

Status: Immediate Occupancy

Bedrooms: 1, 2, 3 & 4

Residence Size: 1009 - 3000 sq. ft.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Up to 20 lbs., owners only.

Walk Score: 55 (Somewhat Walkable)

Total Residences: 1200

Number of Stories: 12

Price Range:
$889,000 - $3,200,000

Lifestyle Pictures of Key Colony Condos

Key Colony - Key Biscayne Luxury Oceanfront Condos

Key Colony Condos is a forty-acre beach front property that puts you in the heart of Key Biscayne, right on the Atlantic Ocean with city and ocean views and soothing tropical breezes.

Key Colony offers 1200 residences in four different buildings called the Tidemark (I), Oceansound (II), Emerald Bay (III) and Botanica (IV) built from 1978 to 1981. The Tidemark and Oceansound are twelve story buildings right on the ocean. There are also a limited number of townhomes. The floorplans are configured in one, two three and four bedroom layouts ranging in size from 1,010 to 3,000 sq ft.

Key Colony Condos - Amenities

  • Gated community with 24-hour attended guard gate
  • Four separate condiminium buildings
  • I, II & III are 12 story buildings with lobby attendants
  • IV has four floors with key-entry to lobbies
  • I & II offer a very limited number of beachfront townhomes
  • Lush tropical landscaping throughout the forty acres
  • Each building has its own pool plus an Olympic lap pool in the center of the complex and an adults-only oceanfront pool
  • Twelve tennis courts
  • Pet friendly
  • Gym
  • Jogging path throughout the lushly landscaped complex
  • Undercover assigned parking

For added privacy, convenience and security, Key Colony provides covered parking and 24-hour controlled access security system.

The soaring Rickenbacker Causeway reachs over the waters of Biscayne Bay and connects you to Key Biscayne and its waterfront condominiums and luxury hotels on this charming, self-contained island. Miles of sand beaches line its shores and parks abound. Residents can play tennis at the Crandon Park Tennis Center, or watch the Sony Ericsson Open tournament each March, featuring the world's top-ranked tennis players. Playing a round at Crandon Park Golf Course's challenging layout will let you understand why Golf Digest puts Key Biscayne among the top 50 public courses in Florida, bring plenty of golf balls... there's water on sixteen holes!

From Key Colony's location, the best of Miami is just a short drive away. The village of Coconut Grove, home to art galleries, eclectic boutiques, and fine restaurants, is a fifteen minute drive as are the world-famous nightlife of South Beach clubs, trendy lounges and ocean breezes plus the Miami International Airport is just 20 minutes to the Northwest.

Miami Lifestyle

The whole world wants to be in Miami. For the weather, the music, the fashions, the flavor of the tropics infused with a cosmopolitan style found nowhere else on the planet. A business capital with five-star hotels and hip restaurants, jungle gardens and coral reefs. Living in Miami is an endless feast for senses. And living at Key Colony puts it within easy reach.

To see which residences are currently available for sale or rent, Search the Miami MLS, or contact the Miami Condo Lifestyle team at (305) 321-7043 for up to the minute information. Join us in Paradise, live life with a view and enjoy the Miami Condo Lifestyle!

The Key Colony condominium is located at 101-251 Crandon Blvd in the Village of Key Biscayne and has an incredible oceanfront location.

Keyplans for Key Colony

Keyplan 1 for Key Colony

Available Units in Key Colony

1 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
F1004$889,0001.51114 sq ft$798$8,590See Unit #F1004 details

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
E804$899,00021409 sq ft$638$6,868See Unit #E804 details
E306$899,00021409 sq ft$638$6,868See Unit #E306 details
249$1,090,00021790 sq ft$609$6,555See Unit #249 details
305$1,100,00021600 sq ft$688$7,400See Unit #305 details
D404$1,180,00021409 sq ft$837$9,015See Unit #D404 details
E803$1,225,00021409 sq ft$869$9,358See Unit #E803 details
B1203$1,249,00021409 sq ft$886$9,542See Unit #B1203 details
223$1,270,00021838 sq ft$691$7,438See Unit #223 details
A1104$1,270,00021409 sq ft$901$9,702See Unit #A1104 details
E105$1,280,00021409 sq ft$908$9,779See Unit #E105 details
252$1,295,00021720 sq ft$753$8,104See Unit #252 details
122$1,398,00021467 sq ft$953$10,258See Unit #122 details
706$1,450,00021546 sq ft$938$10,096See Unit #706 details
F201$1,475,00021782 sq ft$828$8,910See Unit #F201 details
241$1,480,00021532 sq ft$966$10,399See Unit #241 details
E401$1,550,00021782 sq ft$870$9,363See Unit #E401 details
428$1,595,00021532 sq ft$1,041$11,207See Unit #428 details
534$1,595,00021584 sq ft$1,007$10,839See Unit #534 details
145$1,600,00021850 sq ft$865$9,309See Unit #145 details
F1207$1,660,00021782 sq ft$932$10,027See Unit #F1207 details
702$1,750,00021506 sq ft$1,162$12,508See Unit #702 details
1024$1,850,00021531 sq ft$1,208$13,007See Unit #1024 details
D401$1,950,00021782 sq ft$1,094$11,779See Unit #D401 details
A1202$2,195,00021782 sq ft$1,232$13,259See Unit #A1202 details

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
269$1,290,0003 TBDTBDSee Unit #269 details
256$1,350,00021955 sq ft$691$7,433See Unit #256 details
510$1,695,0002.51611 sq ft$1,052$11,325See Unit #510 details
934$1,695,00021584 sq ft$1,070$11,518See Unit #934 details
E707$1,850,00021782 sq ft$1,038$11,175See Unit #E707 details
230$2,050,00032001 sq ft$1,024$11,028See Unit #230 details
F901$2,100,00021782 sq ft$1,178$12,685See Unit #F901 details
$3,200,00032604 sq ft$1,229$13,228See Unit # details

1 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
432$4,3001.51089 sq ftSee Unit #432 details
505$5,0001.51059 sq ftSee Unit #505 details

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
473$3,00021790 sq ftSee Unit #473 details
E405$5,50021409 sq ftSee Unit #E405 details
333$5,50021532 sq ftSee Unit #333 details
328$5,50021532 sq ftSee Unit #328 details
D1206$5,90021409 sq ftSee Unit #D1206 details
108$5,90021532 sq ftSee Unit #108 details
D1004$5,90021409 sq ftSee Unit #D1004 details
E804$6,00021409 sq ftSee Unit #E804 details
634$6,00021584 sq ftSee Unit #634 details
D206$6,50021409 sq ftSee Unit #D206 details
239$6,50021547 sq ftSee Unit #239 details
338$6,50021546 sq ftSee Unit #338 details
442$6,60021547 sq ftSee Unit #442 details
822$6,80021547 sq ftSee Unit #822 details
704$6,80021532 sq ftSee Unit #704 details
104$6,90021720 sq ftSee Unit #104 details
929$6,90021532 sq ftSee Unit #929 details
635$7,00021547 sq ftSee Unit #635 details
A102$7,00021782 sq ftSee Unit #A102 details
927$7,50021531 sq ftSee Unit #927 details
E105$7,50021409 sq ftSee Unit #E105 details
C406$7,50021782 sq ftSee Unit #C406 details
271$7,50021715 sq ftSee Unit #271 details
605$8,25021821 sq ftSee Unit #605 details
920$8,50021485 sq ftSee Unit #920 details
802$8,50021404 sq ftSee Unit #802 details
A1105$8,50021409 sq ftSee Unit #A1105 details
E504$9,00021409 sq ftSee Unit #E504 details
D301$9,50021782 sq ftSee Unit #D301 details
534$9,50021584 sq ftSee Unit #534 details
1223$10,00032262 sq ftSee Unit #1223 details
A902$14,00021782 sq ftSee Unit #A902 details

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
181$2,80021750 sq ftSee Unit #181 details
380$2,80021820 sq ftSee Unit #380 details
175$2,95032090 sq ftSee Unit #175 details
267$3,20021720 sq ftSee Unit #267 details
463$3,50021720 sq ftSee Unit #463 details
480$3,50032073 sq ftSee Unit #480 details
252$7,50021720 sq ftSee Unit #252 details
221$7,90021720 sq ftSee Unit #221 details
170$8,50031720 sq ftSee Unit #170 details
433$10,00031600 sq ftSee Unit #433 details
PH-1226$10,50032176 sq ftSee Unit #PH-1226 details
D608$12,00021782 sq ftSee Unit #D608 details
1231$12,00032176 sq ftSee Unit #1231 details
138$12,00031541 sq ftSee Unit #138 details
E1001$13,50021782 sq ftSee Unit #E1001 details
F1102$14,00032402 sq ftSee Unit #F1102 details
1002$20,00032323 sq ftSee Unit #1002 details
Unit #ClosedSold PriceList PriceBed/BathArea$/sq ft$/M2
1035Jan 12, 2024$1,575,000$1,610,0002 / 21546 sq ft$1,019$10,966
B1104Jan 5, 2024$1,130,000$1,199,0002 / 21409 sq ft$802$8,633
543Dec 19, 2023$2,050,000$2,200,0003 / 32330 sq ft$880$9,470
936Dec 19, 2023$1,400,000$1,450,0002 / 21532 sq ft$914$9,837
B1001Dec 15, 2023$2,200,000$2,400,0002 / 21782 sq ft$1,235$13,289
C1205Dec 15, 2023$2,020,000$2,095,0003 / 32208 sq ft$915$9,848
337Dec 14, 2023$940,000$970,0002 / 21600 sq ft$588$6,324
445Nov 30, 2023$1,270,000$1,300,0003 / 21892 sq ft$671$7,225
B706Nov 16, 2023$1,200,000$1,330,0002 / 21409 sq ft$852$9,167
137Nov 3, 2023$1,160,000$1,195,0002 / 21532 sq ft$757$8,150
359Nov 2, 2023$1,290,000$1,320,0003 / 21820 sq ft$709$7,629
A306Oct 30, 2023$870,000$895,0002 / 21409 sq ft$617$6,646
432Oct 27, 2023$860,000$899,0001 / 21089 sq ft$790$8,500
275Oct 20, 2023$1,170,000$1,299,0003 / 21720 sq ft$680$7,322
202Oct 20, 2023$1,425,000$1,590,0003 / 21820 sq ft$783$8,428
D307Oct 4, 2023$1,750,000$1,890,0003 / 21782 sq ft$982$10,571
1023Oct 2, 2023$1,080,000$1,250,0002 / 21778 sq ft$607$6,538
371Sep 21, 2023$1,060,000$1,100,0003 / 21715 sq ft$618$6,653
F203Sep 8, 2023$800,000$1,000,0002 / 21597 sq ft$501$5,392
340Sep 6, 2023$940,000$977,9002 / 21532 sq ft$614$6,605
1131Sep 5, 2023$1,375,000$1,450,0002 / 21546 sq ft$889$9,573

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