Beachwalk Condos For Sale

Beachwalk, 2600 E Hallandale Blvd, Hallandale Beach, Florida,33009

Building Summary

2600 E Hallandale Blvd
Hallandale Beach, Florida,33009

Community: Hallandale

Architect: Pininfarina

Views: Ocean & City

Year Built: 2014

Status: Immediate Occupancy

Bedrooms: 2 & 3

Residence Size: 1308-2197 sq. ft.

Pet Friendly: Yes

Walk Score: 58 (Somewhat Walkable)

Total Residences: 300

Number of Stories: 33

Price Range:
$459,000 - $989,000

Lifestyle Pictures of Beachwalk Condos

Beachwalk Aerial


Beachwalk View


Beachwalk Pool


Beachwalk Deck


Beachwalk Bar


Beachwalk Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Beachwalk - Hallandale Beach Condos

Beachwalk Hallandale condos were completed in 2014. This development by the Related group offers over three hundred condominiums ranging in size from 1300 to 2200 sqft.

Beachwalk building policies are investor friendly while allowing minimum one day AIR BNB friendly rentals.

Beachwalk - Building Amenities

  • 24-hour room service offered to all units, 365 days a year
  • 24-hour valet parking
  • Complimentary shuttle to your members-only beach club
  • Full-featured security system
  • Health Spa with male and female saunas and locker rooms
  • High-speed elevators
  • Housekeeping, cleaning and laundry staff
  • Infinity edge pool set alongside the Intracoastal Waterway
  • On-call concierge for dinner, spa and nightclub reservations, event ticket services, yacht charters, travel itinerary planning and more
  • Seaside dining along the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Spectacular 34th floor Cielo Room pool deck with private cabanas and infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • State-of-the-art, fully equipped fitness center and cardio theatre with Intracoastal views
  • Sundry shop
  • Wireless high-speed internet throughout the common areas

Miami Lifestyle

The whole world wants to be in Miami. For the weather, the music, the fashions, the flavor of the tropics infused with a cosmopolitan style found nowhere else on the planet. A business capital with five-star hotels and hip restaurants, jungle gardens and coral reefs. Living in Miami is an endless feast for senses. And living at Beachwalk Hallandale puts it within easy reach.

One Park Tower will be completed in 2024. To check which residences are currently available, just click on the Beachwalks For Sale button to the upper left or call Ned Berndt at (305) 321-7043

Available Units in Beachwalk

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
R804$459,00021037 sq ft$443$4,764See Unit #R804 details
R405$465,00021020 sq ft$456$4,907See Unit #R405 details
R904$469,00021037 sq ft$452$4,868See Unit #R904 details
R1109$485,00021020 sq ft$475$5,118See Unit #R1109 details
R505$489,00021020 sq ft$479$5,160See Unit #R505 details
R907$495,00021030 sq ft$481$5,173See Unit #R907 details
R608$495,00021037 sq ft$477$5,138See Unit #R608 details
R1804$500,00021037 sq ft$482$5,190See Unit #R1804 details
R309$519,70021028 sq ft$506$5,442See Unit #R309 details
R2609$540,00021020 sq ft$529$5,699See Unit #R2609 details
R506$549,00021028 sq ft$534$5,748See Unit #R506 details
R906$549,00021028 sq ft$534$5,748See Unit #R906 details
R2305$549,00021020 sq ft$538$5,794See Unit #R2305 details
R2308$555,00021037 sq ft$535$5,761See Unit #R2308 details
R1409$558,00021020 sq ft$547$5,889See Unit #R1409 details
R1605$558,00021020 sq ft$547$5,889See Unit #R1605 details
R1606$565,00021028 sq ft$550$5,916See Unit #R1606 details
R1203$569,00021030 sq ft$552$5,946See Unit #R1203 details
R1103$570,00021030 sq ft$553$5,957See Unit #R1103 details
R905$580,00021020 sq ft$569$6,121See Unit #R905 details
R2908$590,00021037 sq ft$569$6,124See Unit #R2908 details
R2808$590,00021037 sq ft$569$6,124See Unit #R2808 details
R2503$600,00021030 sq ft$583$6,270See Unit #R2503 details
R1609$600,00021020 sq ft$588$6,332See Unit #R1609 details
R1909$600,00021020 sq ft$588$6,332See Unit #R1909 details
T3103$685,00021030 sq ft$665$7,159See Unit #T3103 details
T3110$755,00021028 sq ft$734$7,905See Unit #T3110 details
T3109$890,00021020 sq ft$873$9,392See Unit #T3109 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathArea$/sq ft$/M2Details
T701$829,00031737 sq ft$477$5,137See Unit #T701 details
T1201$895,00031737 sq ft$515$5,546See Unit #T1201 details
T2202$900,00031577 sq ft$571$6,143See Unit #T2202 details
T1601$969,99931737 sq ft$558$6,011See Unit #T1601 details
T1001$989,00031737 sq ft$569$6,129See Unit #T1001 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

1 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
R1806$3,00011028 sq ftSee Unit #R1806 details
R504A$3,0001 See Unit #R504A details
2008A$4,95011150 sq ftSee Unit #2008A details
403A$4,9501800 sq ftSee Unit #403A details

* TBD = "To be determined"

2 Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
R905$2,10021020 sq ftSee Unit #R905 details
R2710$4,00021028 sq ftSee Unit #R2710 details
R2704$4,45021037 sq ftSee Unit #R2704 details
R2405$4,50021020 sq ftSee Unit #R2405 details
R2609$4,50021020 sq ftSee Unit #R2609 details
R504AB$4,50021037 sq ftSee Unit #R504AB details
T3307$4,50021030 sq ftSee Unit #T3307 details
R2603$4,50021030 sq ftSee Unit #R2603 details
R1703$4,50021030 sq ftSee Unit #R1703 details
R2409$4,50021020 sq ftSee Unit #R2409 details
T3103$4,80021030 sq ftSee Unit #T3103 details
R906$4,90021028 sq ftSee Unit #R906 details
R2809$5,00021020 sq ftSee Unit #R2809 details
R2309$5,00021020 sq ftSee Unit #R2309 details
T2509$5,50021028 sq ftSee Unit #T2509 details
T2509$5,50021308 sq ftSee Unit #T2509 details
R2304$6,00021037 sq ftSee Unit #R2304 details
T3105$6,0002 See Unit #T3105 details
R506$6,00021028 sq ftSee Unit #R506 details
1605$6,55021034 sq ftSee Unit #1605 details
1108$6,9502 See Unit #1108 details
3208$6,9502 See Unit #3208 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

3 or more Bedroom Condos

Unit #List PriceBathAreaDetails
402$6,00031577 sq ftSee Unit #402 details
T3302$8,50031577 sq ftSee Unit #T3302 details
T501 SEASONAL$8,50031737 sq ftSee Unit #T501 SEASONAL details
T2102$8,70031577 sq ftSee Unit #T2102 details
T2002 SEASONAL$8,70031577 sq ftSee Unit #T2002 SEASONAL details
T2802$8,90031577 sq ftSee Unit #T2802 details
T2902$8,90031577 sq ftSee Unit #T2902 details
2202$8,9503 See Unit #2202 details
T2301$9,20031737 sq ftSee Unit #T2301 details
T2401$9,40031737 sq ftSee Unit #T2401 details
T3202$9,50031577 sq ftSee Unit #T3202 details
T3301$9,50031737 sq ftSee Unit #T3301 details

* TBD = "To be determined"

Unit #ClosedSold PriceList PriceBed/BathArea$/sq ft$/M2
R2108Nov 17, 2022$547,000$589,5002 / 21037 sq ft$527$5,678
R1004Oct 13, 2022$519,900$519,9002 / 21037 sq ft$501$5,397
R2105Oct 6, 2022$60,000$650,0002 / 21020 sq ft$59$633
R2504Sep 21, 2022$500,000$549,0002 / 21020 sq ft$490$5,276
R1509Sep 9, 2022$520,000$539,0002 / 21020 sq ft$510$5,488
R2204Aug 19, 2022$530,000$540,0002 / 21037 sq ft$511$5,501
R410Aug 18, 2022$460,000$499,0002 / 21028 sq ft$447$4,817
R1610Aug 15, 2022$525,000$537,0002 / 21028 sq ft$511$5,497
R2306Aug 2, 2022$530,000$548,0002 / 21028 sq ft$516$5,550
R2309Jul 25, 2022$545,000$595,0002 / 21020 sq ft$534$5,751
R1104Jul 22, 2022$475,000$500,0002 / 21037 sq ft$458$4,930
R2606Jul 18, 2022$542,000$549,0002 / 21028 sq ft$527$5,675
R705Jul 18, 2022$510,000$517,0002 / 21020 sq ft$500$5,382
R1907Jul 15, 2022$522,500$547,9002 / 21028 sq ft$508$5,471
R1406Jul 5, 2022$535,000$547,8002 / 21028 sq ft$520$5,602
LPH T3107Jul 1, 2022$665,000$728,0002 / 21030 sq ft$646$6,950
2810Jun 24, 2022$520,000$575,0002 / 21028 sq ft$506$5,445
R2307Jun 20, 2022$527,500$540,0002 / 21030 sq ft$512$5,513
R1107Jun 20, 2022$535,000$535,0002 / 21030 sq ft$519$5,591
3210Jun 15, 2022$649,900$649,9002 / 21028 sq ft$632$6,805
2905Jun 10, 2022$575,000$575,0002 / 21020 sq ft$564$6,068

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