Website Accessibility

At MiamiCondoLifestyle.com, we're dedicated to delivering the very best website experience for all of our visitors. That's why we're regularly making improvements to miamicondolifestyle.com to better assist anyone with specific auditory, visual or mobility needs.

Recently, we've made the following accessibility improvements:

Alternative Content: To make it easy for site visitors with limited vision, miamicondolifestyle.com offers text, transcripts and captions in place of images or media, or when style sheets are unavailable. We've scoured the website to make sure we have text versions of all images.

Form Content: We have ensured that form fields in all forms on the website offer text captions readable by NVDA software.

Guidelines for Accessibility Used by MiamiCondoLifestyle.com:

We're committed to service of all our visitors. This means adhering to web accessibility guidelines that help us better serve you. Miamicondolifestyle.com works with the following guidelines to ensure the best online experience for all our visitors:

We work to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at Level AA standards. We have staff whose responsibilities include making continual improvements to accessibility, and ensuring any new features and content put up on our website are compliant with these guidelines.

We work with third-party accessibility software, testing and making regular updates to our website.

Help Us Improve

We're constantly working to improve miamicondolifestyle.com, and visitors like you can help. Please give us feedback on accessibility so that we can continue to improve.

Accessibility Disclaimer

Miamicondolifestyle.com strives to make sure all content adheres to accessibility standards, including that of third-parties, such as map widgets and forms.

We use compliant content from third-party companies, as well as content from providers making progress toward future compliance.