Cosmopolitan South Beach Floorplans

Cosmopolitan Condos - Keyplan

Cosmopolitan Condos - Keyplan

Floorplans for Cosmopolitan Condos

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Model Lines Bed/Baths Total
Sq Ft
A North-10,12,14,20
1/1 686 63.7 Cosmopolitan Model A
A1 North-11,13
1/1 861 80.0 Cosmopolitan Model A
B North-02,04,05,09,18,22
1/1.5 826 76.7 CosmopolitanModel B
B1 North-15,South-13 1/1.5 899 83.5 CosmopolitanModel B1
C North-03,08,19
2/2 1010 93.8 Cosmopolitan Model C
D North-01,07,21
2/2 1,196 111.1 Cosmopolitan Model D
D1 North-17,South-15 2/2 1,287 119.6 Cosmopolitan Model D1
E North-6,South-08,14 2/2.5 1,247 115.9 Cosmopolitan Model E
F North-16,South-20 2/2 1,148 106.7 Cosmopolitan Model F

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