Miami Condos For Sale

Miami Condos For Sale

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CommunityMinimum PriceUnitsViewsYear Built

1 Hotel & Homes

102 24th Street

South Beach$1,150,000578Oceanfront2014

100 Andalusia

100 Andalusia Avenue

Coral Gables$478,00097City2005

1000 Museum

1000 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$5,995,00083Bay and City2019

1010 Brickell

1010 Brickell Ave

Brickell$280,000387Bay and City2017

1060 Brickell Avenue

1050 & 1060 Brickell Ave

Brickell$273,000576Bay and City2008

1215 West

1215 West Ave

South Beach$279,00045Bay and City2016

1300 Ponce

1300 Ponce de Leon Blvd

Coral Gables$340,000125City2008

1500 Ocean Drive

1500 Ocean Drive

South Beach$790,000111Oceanfront1998

1800 Biscayne Plaza

275 NE 18th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$230,000195Bay and City2005

1800 Club

1800 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$260,000468Bayfront2008

200 Ocean Drive

200 Ocean Drive

South Beach$630,00020Ocean & City2000

23 Biscayne Bay

601 NE 23rd St

Edgewater Miami Midtown$280,00096Bay and City2013

26 Edgewater

321 NE 26th St

Edgewater Miami Midtown$270,00089Bay and City2018

300 Collins

300 Collins Ave

South Beach$1,780,00019Ocean & City2018

3030 Aventura

3030 NE 188th Street


321 Ocean Drive

321 Ocean Drive

South Beach$4,750,00021Oceanfront2015


7900 & 7910 Harbor Island Drive

North Bay Village$263,000414Bayfront2007

400 Sunny Isles

400 Sunny Isles Blvd

Sunny Isles Beach$599,000230Ocean & Intracoastal2015

401 BLU

401 69th Street

Miami Beach North Beach$237,000206Bay and City2005

50 Biscayne

50 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$250,000523Bayfront2007

500 Brickell

500 Brickell Ave
& 55 SE 6th Street

Brickell$309,000633Bay and City2008

501 First Residences

501 NE 1st Avenue

Miami Downtown$315,000448Bay and City2024

55 Merrick

55 Merrick Way

Coral Gables$329,000167City2007

5600 Collins

5600 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$295,000288Ocean & City1967

57 Ocean

5775 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$2,600,00071Oceanfront2021

6000 Indian Creek

6000 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach$585,00034Bayfront2006

6080 Collins

6080 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$375,00073Ocean & City2019

900 Biscayne Bay

900 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$475,000516Bayfront2008


17875 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,750,000295Oceanfront2005

Admirals Port

2801 & 2851 NE 183 Street

Aventura$140,000640Intracoastal and City1974


6365 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$415,000386Oceanfront2004


3001 NE 185th Street

Aventura$270,000193Bay and City2007


5225 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$389,000230Oceanfront1962

Antilla Place

45 Antilla Avenue

Coral Gables$259,00030City1960


800 South Pointe Drive

South Beach$7,190,00067Bayfront2007


6101-6103 Aqua Avenue

Miami Beach$899,000105Bayfront2005


6770 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$229,000220Bay, City &

Aria on the Bay

488 NE 18th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$358,000647Bay and City2018

Aria Reserve

711 NE 23 Terrace

Edgewater Miami Midtown$750,000800Bay and City2024

Arlen House

100 Bayview Dr

Sunny Isles Beach$225,000600Ocean & Intracoastal1975

Arlen House 300

300 Bayview Dr

Sunny Isles Beach$189,000312Ocean & Intracoastal1968

Arlen House 500

500 Bayview Dr

Sunny Isles Beach$189,000312Ocean & Intracoastal1969

Armani Residences

18975 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,595,000308Ocean & City2021


8955 Collins Ave



2950 NE 188th Street



2100 Park Ave & 2155 Washington Ct

South Beach$265,000205City2007

Asia Brickell Key

900 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$1,100,000123Bayfront2008


3000 Coral Way

Coral Way$235,000226Bay and City2003

Aston Martin Residences

300 Biscayne Blvd Way

Miami Downtown$1,500,000391Bay and City2022

Atlantic I at the Point

21200 Point Place

Aventura$1,450,000125Ocean & Intracoastal2004

Atlantic II at the Point

21150 Point Place

Aventura$750,000168Ocean & Intracoastal1996

Atlantic III at the Point

21050 Point Place

Aventura$400,000158Ocean & Intracoastal2000

Atlantis on Brickell

2025 Brickell Avenue



3131 NE 188th Street

Aventura$430,000119Bay and City2007


17550 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,250,00061Ocean & City2021

Aventura Marina

3340 NE 190 Street

Aventura$449,000126Ocean, Bay &

Aventura Marina II

3330 NE 190 Street

Aventura$560,000252Ocean, Bay &

Axis on Brickell

1111 SW 1st Avenue
79 SW 12th Street

Brickell$424,000788Bay and City2008


9401 Collins Avenue


Baccarat Residences

444 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$1,276,000360Bay and City2025

Bal Harbour 101

10155 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,295,000172Oceanfront1977

Bal Harbour Tower

9999 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,850,000116Oceanfront1990


9801 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$779,000420Oceanfront1977

Baltus House

4250 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Design District$222,500167Bay and City2015

Barbizon Beach Club

530 Ocean Drive

South Beach$345,00049Oceanfront1937

Bath Club

5959 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$1,475,000112Oceanfront2005

Bay House

600 NE 27th St

Edgewater Miami Midtown$620,000164Bay and City2015

Bay Lofts

455 NE 25th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$450,00054Bay and City2004

Bay Park Towers

3301 NE 5th Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$179,000247Bay and City1961

Bay View Lofts

2000 W Bay Drive

North Bay Village$363,00022Bay and City2003

Bayside Village

2011-2543 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$1,090,000104Oceanfront1986-1988

Bayview Plaza

1621 Bay Road

South Beach$399,90078Bay and City1997

Bayview Terraces

1625 Kennedy Causeway

North Bay Village$289,00070Bay and City2003

Bayview Village

4811-5391 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$2,200,000111Oceanfront1992

Beach Club

1800-1850 South Ocean Drive


Beach House 8

3651 Collins Avenue

South Beach$9,150,0008Oceanfront2016

Beacon Harbour

1660 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$2,900,00010Bayfront2003


6515 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$510,000130Oceanfront2004

Bella Mare

6000 Island Blvd

Aventura$1,350,000210Ocean, Bay &

Belle Plaza

20 Island Avenue

South Beach$269,000226Bayfront1962

Belle Towers

16 Island Avenue

South Beach$1,000,00046Bayfront1958


10225 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$2,195,00080Oceanfront2004

Bellini Williams Island

4100 Williams Island Blvd

Aventura$1,290,00070Ocean & Intracoastal2013

Bentley Bay

520 & 540 West Avenue

South Beach$555,000170Bayfront2004

Bentley Beach Hilton

101 Ocean Drive

South Beach$369,000109Oceanfront2003

Bentley Condo Hotel

510 Ocean Drive

South Beach$386,00053Oceanfront1998

Bentley Residences

18401 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$3,580,000216Oceanfront2026

Biltmore Parc

718 Valencia Ave

Coral Gables$1,235,00032City2017

Biltmore Village

671 Biltmore Way

Coral Gables$374,99917City2001

Biscayne Beach

2900 NE 7th Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$405,000399Bayfront2017

Biscayne Cove

18151 & 18181 NE 31 Court

Aventura$185,000592Ocean & Intracoastal1981


601 NE 36th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$315,000330Bayfront2005

Blue Bay

7929 West Drive

North Bay Village$410,00035Bayfront2005

Blue Diamond

4779 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$850,000315Oceanfront2000

Bond Brickell

1080 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$345,000323Bay and City2016


1555 N Treasure Drive

North Bay Village$267,50060Bay and City2005

Brickell Bay Club

2333 Brickell Avenue


Brickell City Centre

68 SE 6 ST & 88 SE 7 St

Brickell$580,0001083Bay and City2016

Brickell East

151 SE 15 Road

Brickell$540,00065Bay and City1983

Brickell Flatiron

1000 Brickell Plaza

Brickell$520,000552Bay and City2019

Brickell Harbour

200 SE 15th Road

Brickell$285,000162Bay and City1974

Brickell Heights

45 & 55 SW 9th St

Brickell$350,000358Bay and City2017

Brickell House

1300 Brickell Bay Drive

Brickell$285,000374Bay and City2014

Brickell Key II

540 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$187,000397Bayfront1991

Brickell Key One

520 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$209,000316Bayfront1982

Brickell on the River North

31 SE 5th Street

Miami River Brickell$275,000404Riverfront2006

Brickell on the River South

41 SE 5th Street

Miami River Brickell$280,000319Bay and City2007

Brickell Place

1865 & 1901 &, 1915 & 1925 Brickell Avenue


Brickell Ten

1010 SW 2nd Avenue

Brickell$330,000155Bay and City2017

Brickell Townhouse

2451 Brickell Avenue



1881 NE 79th Street

North Bay Village$297,000118Bayfront2006

Bristol Tower

2127 Brickell Ave


Burleigh House

7135 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$295,000360Oceanfront1970


1600 NE 1 st Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$285,000513Bay and City2018


5025 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$1,095,00084Oceanfront1995

Capri South Beach

1445 16th Street

South Beach$450,00072Bayfront2008


901 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$395,000338Bayfront2005

Caribbean Miami Beach

3737 Collins Ave

South Beach$1,149,000103Oceanfront2009

Carillon Miami Beach

6799, 6801 & 6899 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$390,000584Oceanfront2008

Carlisle on the Ocean

9195 Collins Avenue


Carriage Club

5005 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$296,000331Oceanfront1964

Carriage House

5401 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$300,000385Oceanfront1967

Carroll Walk

9751 E. Bay Harbor Dr

Bay Harbor Islands$789,00039Bay and City2003

Casa del Mar

881 Ocean Drive

Key Biscayne$525,000197Oceanfront1971

Casa Grande

834 Ocean Drive

South Beach$360,00047Oceanfront1923

Cassa Brickell

201 SW 17 Road

Brickell$325,00081Bay and City2016

Castle Beach Club

5445 Collins Ave

Miami Beach$205,000570Oceanfront1966


151 SE 1st St

Miami Downtown$210,000352City2016

Champlain Towers East

8855 Collins Avenue


Champlain Towers North

8877 Collins Avenue


Charter Club

600 NE 36th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,000456Bayfront1973

Chateau Beach

17475 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,500,00084Oceanfront2015


7935 East Drive

North Bay Village$675,00035Bayfront2009


2000 N Bayshore Drive
2001 Biscayne Blvd

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,900436Bayfront2004

City 24

350 NE 24th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$230,000119Bay and City2007

Cloisters at the Gables

5810 SW 57th Avenue

Coral Gables$180,00076City2008

Cloisters on the Bay

3471 Main Hwy

Coconut Grove$2,195,00040Bay and City2004

Club at Brickell Bay

1200 Brickell Bay Dr

Brickell$355,000642Bay and City2004

Club Atlantis

2555 Collins Avenue

South Beach$469,000320Oceanfront1982

Coconut Grove Bayshore

2575 Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$800,00025Bay and City1982

Cocostyle Lofts

3250 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove$195,00030Bay and City2006


6917 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$385,000239Oceanfront1969


8390 SW 72 Ave & 8395 Sw 73rd Ave


Commodore Club

155-199 Ocean Lane Drive

Key Biscayne$398,000187Oceanfront1974

Conrad Miami

1395 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$399,000136Bay and City2004


100 South Pointe Drive

South Beach$1,775,000318Oceanfront2002

Continuum II North Tower

50 South Pointe Drive

South Beach$750,000203Oceanfront2008


5825 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$350,000134Oceanfront1967

Cosmopolitan South Beach

110 Washington Avenue

South Beach$399,000223Ocean & City2004

Costa Brava

11 Island Avenue

South Beach$450,000216Bayfront1972

Courts at Brickell Key

801 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$349,000318Bayfront2002

Courts at South Beach

100 Jefferson Avenue

South Beach$699,000189Ocean & City1996

Courvoisier Courts

701 Brickell Key Blvd

Brickell Key$290,000272Bayfront1997


601 NE 27th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$369,00090Bayfront2015

Crystal House

5055 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$309,000165Oceanfront1961


2700 N Miami Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$398,000100Bay and City2007


2665 SW 37th Ave

Coral Gables$220,000145City2002


100 Lincoln Road

South Beach$305,000667Oceanfront1965

Deering Bay

13641 Deering Bay Drive

Coral Gables$795,000300Bayfront1993 to 2003

Del Prado

18011 - 18081 Biscayne Blvd

Aventura$175,000660Ocean & Intracoastal1971

Delvista Towers

20225 & 20355 NE 34 Court

Aventura$250,000400Ocean & Intracoastal1982

District 225

225 N Miami Avenue

Miami Downtown$350,000343City2023

Douglas Grand

50 Menores Avenue

Coral Gables$189,00083City2002

Downtown Dadeland

7270 N Kendall Drive



1460 Ocean Drive

South Beach$429,00032Oceanfront1937


29 NE 11th Street

Miami Downtown$375,000375Bay and City2023

Eastside at Aventura

3000 NE 188 Street


Echo Aventura

3250 & 3300 NE 188th Street

Aventura$799,000190Ocean & Intracoastal2015

Echo Brickell

1451 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$625,000180Bay and City2017

Eden House

6700 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$389,00098Bayfront2013


2901 Collins Avenue

South Beach$3,150,00026Oceanfront2014

Eighty Seven Park

8701 Collins Ave


El Dorado

3625 & 3675 N Country Club

Aventura$188,000216Ocean & Intracoastal1975

Eloquence on the Bay

7930 East Drive

North Bay Village$345,000120Bayfront2009


788 NE 23 Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$2,400,000100Bay and City2021

Emerald at Brickell

218 SE 14th Street

Brickell$615,000142Bay and City2006

Epic Miami

200 Biscayne Blvd Way

Miami Downtown$450,000360Bayfront2008

Estates at Acqualina

17901 Collins Ave.

Sunny Isles Beach$10,000,000252Oceanfront2021


4925 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$385,000101Oceanfront1959

Faena House

3315 Collins Avenue

South Beach$2,750,00047Oceanfront2015

Fairchild Coconut Grove

3581 E. Glencoe St

Coconut Grove$2,000,00026Bay and City2020

Fendi Chateau

9349 Collins Avenue


Five Park

500 Alton Road

South Beach$2,500,00098Bay and City2023

Flamenco Towers

3701-3731 N Country Club Drive

Aventura$195,000394Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Flamingo South Beach

1500 Bay Road

South Beach$225,000522Bayfront2006

Florida Tower

6422 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$399,00064Ocean & City1995


650 West Avenue

South Beach$400,000334Bayfront1997

Fontainebleau II

4401 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$675,000460Oceanfront2005

Fontainebleau III

4391Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$669,000286Oceanfront2008

Fortune House

185 SE 14th Terrace

Brickell$240,000296Bay and City1998

Four Ambassadors

801 to 999 Brickell Bay Drive


Four Seasons Brickell

1435 Brickell Avenue


Four Winds

9225 Collins Avenue


Gables Club Tower I

10 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$1,250,00099Bayfront1996

Gables Club Tower II

60 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$1,600,00099Bayfront2004

Gables Harbour

6901 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$460,00030Bayfront1971

Gables Marquis

3232 SW 22nd Street

Coral Way$335,000177City2007

Gables on the Green

626 Coral Way

Coral Gables$1,250,00053City2002

Gables Park Tower

357 Almeria Avenue

Coral Gables$327,00078City2003

Gables Terrace

2351 Douglas Road

Coral Gables$209,000108City1995

Gables Waterway Towers

90 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$250,500331Bayfront1969

Gallery Art

333 NE 24 Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$249,000176Bay and City2008

Gateway to the Grove

2600 SW 27th Avenue

Coral Way$230,00056Bay and City2006


1621 & 1623 Collins Avenue

South Beach$345,000149Oceanfront1980

Giralda Place

275 Giralda Ave

Coral Gables$1,139,00033City2019


120 Ocean Drive

South Beach$4,650,00010Oceanfront2015

Gran Paraiso

480 NE 31 Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$550,000356Bay and City2019


1717 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$265,000810Bayfront1986

Grand Bay Residences

445 Grand Bay Drive

Key Biscayne$1,600,000138Oceanfront1996

Grand Bay Tower

430 Grand Bay Drive

Key Biscayne$2,150,00094Oceanfront1999

Grand Venetian

10 Venetian Way

South Beach$699,000134Bayfront2001


5900 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$550,000123Ocean & City1998

Grandview Palace

7601 E. Treasure Drive

North Bay Village$200,000496Bay and City1987

Green Diamond

4775 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$699,000315Oceanfront2000

Grove at Grand Bay

2669 & 2675 South Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$3,500,00096Bayfront2017

Grove Garden

3540 Main Hwy

Coconut Grove$435,00042Bay and City2006

Grove Hill Tower

2645 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$1,200,00077Bayfront1996

Grove Isle

1, 2, & 3 Grove Isle Drive

Coconut Grove$569,000510Bayfront1981

Grove Towers

2843 S. Bayshore Dr

Coconut Grove$550,00099Bayfront1982

Grovenor House

2627 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$1,000,000166Bayfront2006

Hamptons South

20201 E Country Club Drive

Aventura$995,000250Ocean, Bay &

Hamptons West

20281 E Country Club Drive

Aventura$370,000342Ocean & Intracoastal1984


3640 Yacht Club Drive

Aventura$345,000180Ocean & Intracoastal1991


4411-4731 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$2,995,00020Oceanfront1989

Harbour House

10275 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$329,000457Oceanfront2007

Harbour Park

9901 E. Bay Harbor Dr

Bay Harbor Islands$429,00020Bay and City2016

Hidden Bay

3370 Hidden Bay Drive

Aventura$324,000371Ocean & Intracoastal2000

Hyde Midtown

3401 NE 1st Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$335,000457City2018


460 NE 28th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$469,000300Bay and City2015

ICON Brickell

475 Brickell Avenue


Icon Brickell Three W Miami

485 Brickell Avenue


ICON Brickell Two

495 Brickell Avenue


Icon South Beach

450 Alton Road

South Beach$600,000289Bayfront2005

Il Villaggio

1455 Ocean Drive

South Beach$1,000,000127Oceanfront1998

Ilona Lofts

221 Jefferson Avenue

South Beach$925,00016City2002

Imperial at Brickell

1627 Brickell Avenue


Imperial House

5255 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$370,000127Oceanfront1963

Industry Lofts

1560 Lenox Avenue

South Beach$399,00017City2006

Infinity at Brickell

60 SW 13TH Street

Brickell$280,000459Bay and City2009

IOS on the Bay

720 NE 62nd Street

Miami Design District$450,00045Bayfront2008

IRIS on the Bay

25 -135 North Shore Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$799,00043Bay and City2018

Island Pointe

10350 W Bay Harbor Drive

Bay Harbor Islands$224,500168Bayfront1966

Island Terrace

5 Island Avenue

South Beach$359,900167Bayfront1967


770 Claughton Island Drive

Brickell Key$224,000300Bayfront1990


9261 E. Bay Harbor

Bay Harbor Islands$699,00048Bay and City2017

IVY at Riverfront

90 SW 3rd Street

Miami River Brickell$269,900500Riverfront2008

Jade Beach

17001 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$799,000248Oceanfront2008

Jade Brickell

1331 Brickell Bay Drive


Jade Ocean

17121 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,190,000252Oceanfront2009

Jade Signature

16901 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$749,000192Oceanfront2018

Kai at Bay Harbor

9940 & 9960 W Bay Harbor Dr

Bay Harbor Islands$720,00058Bay and City2016


10205 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$849,000151Oceanfront1975

Key Colony

101-251 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$450,0001200Oceanfront1981

Key Colony I Tidemark

201 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$525,000286Oceanfront1978

Key Colony II Oceansound

251 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$690,000314Oceanfront1979

Key Colony III Emerald Bay

151 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$620,000285Oceanfront1980

Key Colony IV Botanica

101 &121 & 141 & 161 & 181 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$495,000291Oceanfront1981

King Cole

900 Bay Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$190,000285Bay and City1963

King David

17555 Atlantic Blvd

Sunny Isles Beach$510,00080Ocean &


6901 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$3,750,00025Oceanfront2019


5757 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$535,000137Oceanfront1991

La Gorce Palace

6301 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$525,000208Oceanfront1995

La Hacienda in the Gables

1400 Salzedo Street

Coral Gables$350,00032City2000

La Perla

16699 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$650,000326Oceanfront2006

La Tour

4201 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$925,00067Oceanfront1995


20185 E Country Club

Aventura$389,000187Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Latitude on the River

185 SW 7th St

Miami River Brickell$230,000427Riverfront2007

Le Parc at Brickell

1600 SW 1st Avenue

Brickell$285,000124Bay and City2016

Legacy Residences

942 NE 1st Avenue

Miami Downtown$360,000529Bay and City2024


7901 Hispanola Avenue

North Bay Village$355,000164Bayfront2007

Loft Downtown I

234 NE3rd Street

Miami Downtown$190,000196Bay and City2005

Loft Downtown II

133 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami Downtown$220,000496Bay and City2007

Lofts at Mayfair

3339 Virginia Street

Coconut Grove$260,00099City2007

Lofty Brickell

99 Southwest 7th Street

Miami River Brickell$520,000300Bay and City2024

M Residences Marenas Resort

18683 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$395,000210Oceanfront2005

Maison Grande

6039 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$329,000502Oceanfront1971

Majestic Tower

9601 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,800,000153Oceanfront1998

Mansions at Acqualina

17749 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$6,250,00079Oceanfront2015

Mar Azul

600 Grapetree Drive

Key Biscayne$675,000126Bay and City1974

Mar Del Plata

6423 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$395,000151Oceanfront1976


9341 Collins Avenue


Marea South Beach

801 South Pointe Drive

South Beach$1,950,00030Ocean & City2015

Marina Bay Club

18100 North Bay Road

Sunny Isles Beach$495,00099Bay and City2002

Marina Blue

888 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$345,000516Bayfront2008

Marina Tower

19500 Turnberry Way

Aventura$549,000160Ocean & Intracoastal1982

Marina Village

40101-40311 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$170,000108Bayfront1990

Mark on Brickell

1155 Brickell Bay Drive



1100 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$610,000306Bayfront2009

Mediterranean Village

3700 Island Blvd

Aventura$345,00040Ocean & Intracoastal1989


5875 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$650,000134Oceanfront2008


100 Collins Avenue

South Beach$379,00044Oceanfront1921


2001 Meridian Avenue

South Beach$425,000111City2005

Merrick Manor

301 Altara

Coral Gables$550,000227City2019

Met 1

300 S Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$310,000447Bay and City2008


9055 & 9066 SW 73 Court

Dadeland$245,000397Bay and City2006


2475 Brickell Avenue



3250 NE 1st Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$305,000172Bay and City2008

Midtown Four

3301 NE 1st Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$270,000318City2008

Midtown Lofts

3180 Coral Way

Coral Way$230,000135City2006

Midtown Two

3470 East Coast Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$239,000326City2007

Milano at Ocean Drive

850 Ocean Drive

South Beach$685,0008Oceanfront1922

Millecento Residences

1100 S. Miami Avenue

Brickell$297,000382Bay and City2015


18671 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$800,000120Oceanfront1999


4747 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$265,000221Oceanfront1962

Minorca Coral Gables

2030 Douglas Road

Coral Gables$285,000120City2005


92 SW 3rd Street

Miami River Brickell$275,000530Riverfront2011


1000-1200 West Avenue

South Beach$190,000926Bayfront1979


8925 Collins Avenue



2655 Collins Avenue

South Beach$349,000252Oceanfront1976

Missoni Baia

700 NE 26th Terrace

Edgewater Miami Midtown$800,000249Bayfront2022

Monaco Yacht Club

6800 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$1,150,00039Bay and City2021

Monad Terrace

1300 Monad Terrace

South Beach$3,990,00059Bay and City2020

Mondrian South Beach

1100 West Drive

South Beach$269,000342Bayfront2008

Montclair Lofts

1700 Meridian Avenue

South Beach$575,00041City2005


520 NE 29th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$265,00061City2007


3801 Collins Avenue

South Beach$999,00084Oceanfront2006

Murano at Portofino

1000 S Pointe Drive

South Beach$900,000189Bayfront2002

Murano Grande

400 Alton Road

South Beach$1,000,000270Bayfront2003


17141 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$2,575,00068Oceanfront2018


2951 S. Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$289,000172Bayfront1998

Mutiny Park Condo Hotel

2889 McFarlane Road

Coconut Grove$375,000275Bayfront2001

My Brickell

31 SE 6th St

Brickell$245,000192Bay and City2013

Mystic Pointe 100

19195 Mystic Pointe Drive

Aventura$249,000300Ocean & Intracoastal1988

Mystic Pointe 200

19101 Mystic Pointe Drive

Aventura$329,000353Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Mystic Pointe 300

3600 Mystic Pointe Drive

Aventura$229,000309Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Mystic Pointe 400

3500 Mystic Pointe Drive

Aventura$329,000308Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Mystic Pointe 500

3530 Mystic Pointe Drive

Aventura$287,000483Ocean & Intracoastal1991

Mystic Pointe 600

3400 NE 192 Street

Aventura$275,000251Ocean & Intracoastal1991


159-175 NE Sixth Street

Miami Downtown$350,000604Bay and City2023

Neo Lofts

10 SW South River Drive

Miami River Brickell$235,000210Riverfront2004

Neo Vertika

690 SE 1st Court

Miami River Brickell$242,000443Riverfront2006


1330 Ocean Drive

South Beach$1,500,00033Oceanfront1936

New Wave

725 NE 22nd Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$429,90078Bayfront2006

Nine Island

9 Island Avenue

South Beach$699,000274Bayfront1981

NINE Mary Brickell Village

999 SW 1st Avenue

Brickell$350,000390Bay and City2015


2525 SW 3rd Avenue

Coral Way$299,000128Bay and City2007

North Tower at Point

21205 Yacht Club Drive

Aventura$299,000288Ocean & Intracoastal1997

Ocean Blue

7600 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$399,000104Ocean & City2004

Ocean Club - Ocean Towers

791 & 799 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$1,750,000222Oceanfront2001

Ocean Club - Club Towers

781-789 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$1,125,000287Oceanfront1999

Ocean Club - Lake Tower

765 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$1,875,00076Oceanfront2002

Ocean Club - Lake Villa

721 to 749 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$1,800,000802Oceanfront2001

Ocean Club - Resort Villas

701 to 719 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$809,000802Oceanfront1997

Ocean Five

448 Ocean Drive

South Beach$545,00013Ocean & City2006

Ocean Four

17201 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$779,000264Oceanfront2006

Ocean House

125 Ocean Drive

South Beach$1,500,00028Oceanfront2012

Ocean One

19333 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$975,000241Oceanfront1999

Ocean Place

225 Collins Avenue

South Beach$799,00052Ocean & City2004

Ocean Point

345 Ocean Drive

South Beach$280,000238Oceanfront1970

Ocean Point Beach Club

17375 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$369,000166Oceanfront2000

Ocean Reserve

19370 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$295,000398Intracoastal1972

Ocean Seven

9501 Collins Avenue


Ocean Three

18911 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$859,000215Oceanfront2003

Ocean Two

19111 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,175,000254Oceanfront2001

Ocean View

19380 & 19390 Collins Ave

Sunny Isles Beach$238,000811Intracoastal1971

Oceana Bal Harbour

10201 & 10203 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,999,000260Oceanfront2017

Oceana Key Biscayne

350 & 360 Ocean Drive

Key Biscayne$3,450,000154Oceanfront2015

Oceanfront Plaza

2625 Collins Avenue

South Beach$300,000192Oceanfront1980

Oceania I

16425 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$675,000164Oceanfront1990

Oceania II

16445 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$519,000165Oceanfront1993

Oceania III

16485 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$650,000164Oceanfront1991

Oceania IV

16400 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$595,000158Bay, City &

Oceania V

16500 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$929,000158Bay, City &


7400-8061 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$3,500,000134Oceanfront1989-1992

Oceanside Plaza

5555 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$270,000299Oceanfront1967

Okan Tower

555 N Miami Avenue

Miami Downtown$387,000426Bay and City2025

One Bal Harbour

10295 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,750,000309Oceanfront2007

One Bay

455 NE 39th St

Miami Design District$795,00038Bay and City2018

One by Tross

1150 101st Street

Bay Harbor Islands$622,00017Bay and City2018

One Island Place

3801 NE 207 Street

Aventura$549,000225Ocean & Intracoastal1991

One Miami

325 - 335 S. Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$319,000896Bayfront2005

One Ocean

1 Collins Ave

South Beach$1,550,00050Ocean & City2016

One Paraiso

3131 NE 7th Avenue

Edgewater Miami Midtown$640,000276Bayfront2018

One Tequesta Point

888 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$325,000288Bayfront1995

One Thousand Venetian

1000 Venetian Way

South Beach$550,000122Bayfront1983

One Village Place

4100 Salzedo Street

Coral Gables$410,000112City2008


665 NE 25th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$359,000118Bayfront2007

Opera Tower

1750 N. Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$190,000635Bayfront2007

Palace at Bal Harbour

10101 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$1,100,000102Oceanfront1994

Palace on Brickell

1541 Brickell Avenue


Palau Sunset Harbor

1201 20th Street

South Beach$599,00045Bay and City2016

Palazzo del Mare

7111-7193 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$5,850,00032Oceanfront2008

Palazzo del Sol

7000 - 7095 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$6,300,00047Oceanfront2015

Palazzo Della Luna

6801 - 6895 Fisher Island

Fisher Island$9,000,00050Oceanfront2019

Palm Bay Towers

720 NE 69th Street

Miami Design District$950,00066Bay and City1972

Palm Bay Yacht Club

780 NE 69thStreet

Miami Design District$250,000235Bay and City1982

Paraiso Bay

650 NE 32nd Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$400,000356Bayfront2018

Paraiso Bayviews

501 NE 31st Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$335,000396Bay and City2018

Paramount Bay

2020 North Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$624,000350Bayfront2011

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

851 NE 1st Avenue

Miami Downtown$350,000466Bay and City2019

Parc at Turnberry

19400 Turnberry Way

Aventura$387,000110Ocean, Bay &

Parc Central East

3300 NE 192 Street

Aventura$225,000350Ocean, Bay &

Parc Central South

3300 NE 191 Street

Aventura$235,000350Ocean, Bay &

Parc Lofts

1749 NE Miami Ct

Edgewater Miami Midtown$365,00072Bay and City2005

Parc Plaza

1775 Washington Avenue

South Beach$275,00064Ocean & City1983

Park Grove

2811 - 2831 South Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$729,000289Bayfront2018

Parque Towers

300 & 330 Sunny Isles Blvd

Sunny Isles Beach$820,000320Ocean & Intracoastal2019


5601 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$285,000405Oceanfront1968

Peloro Miami Beach

6610 & 6620 Indian Creek

Miami Beach North Beach$360,000115Bay and City2016


3201 NE 183rd Street

Aventura$900,000223Ocean &

Peninsula II

3301 NE 183 Street

Aventura$790,000230Ocean &


17555 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$900,000242Oceanfront1998


480 NE 30th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$265,000119Bayfront2006

Plaza on Brickell

951 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$360,0001000Bay and City2008

Ponce de Leon

1607 Ponce de Leon Blvd

Coral Gables$525,00070City2008

Ponce Tower

1805 Ponce de Leon Blvd

Coral Gables$320,000110City2008

Porsche Design Tower

18555 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$4,550,000132Oceanfront2017

Porto Bellagio

17100 - 17150 N Bay Road

Sunny Isles Beach$259,000500Intracoastal2003

Porto Vita

19955 & 20155 NE 38 Court

Aventura$1,300,000375Ocean & Intracoastal2000

Portofino Tower

300 S Pointe Drive

South Beach$849,000206Ocean & City1996


3610 - 3620 Yacht Club Drive

Aventura$277,000208Ocean & Intracoastal1987


401 Ocean Drive

South Beach$280,000238Ocean & City1970

Prive Island

5000 & 5500 Island Estates Blvd

Aventura$3,190,000160Ocean, Bay &

Puerta de Palmas

888 Douglas Road

Coral Gables$260,000198City2006


3900 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami Design District$450,000198Bay and City2020


1900 N Bayshore Drive

Edgewater Miami Midtown$215,000698Bayfront2008

REACH Brickell City Center

68 SE 6th Street

Brickell$580,000390Bay and City2016


19575 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$8,275,00039Oceanfront2014

Regatta at Indian Creek

6580 Indian Creek Drive

Miami Beach North Beach$280,00052Riverfront2006

Residences at Riverwalk

1090 NW North River Drive

Miami River Brickell$799,00016Riverfront2007

Rimini Beach

8911 Collins Avenue


RISE Brickell City Center

88 SW 7th Street

Brickell$618,000390Bay and City2016

Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

10295 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$750,000124Oceanfront2008

Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove

3350 SW 27 Avenue

Coconut Grove$459,000215Bay and City2001

Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne Residences

455 Grand Bay Drive

Key Biscayne$490,000188Oceanfront2001

Ritz Carlton Miami Beach

4701 Meridian Ave

Miami Beach$2,600,000126Bay and City2019

Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles

15701 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$2,850,000210Oceanfront2020

RIVA Bay Harbor

9400 W Bay Harbor Drive

Bay Harbor Islands$1,080,00025Bay and City2013


2401 Collins Avenue

South Beach$399,999188Oceanfront1980

Rond Point

7800 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$299,90036Ocean & City1999

Roney Palace

2301 Collins Avenue

South Beach$350,000567Oceanfront1926

Sail on Brickell

170 SE 14th St

Brickell$225,000240Bay and City2006


1401 Bay Road

South Beach$449,00052Bay and City1999

Sands of Key Biscayne

605-615 Ocean Drive

Key Biscayne$975,000120Oceanfront1969

Sands Pointe

16711 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$750,000227Oceanfront1996

Santa Maria Brickell

1643 Brickell Avenue



16275 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$590,00092Oceanfront2007

Seacoast 5151

5151 & 5161 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$369,000444Oceanfront1966

Seacoast 5700

5700 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$315,000176Ocean & City1968

Seaside Village

19111-19253 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$1,350,00054Oceanfront1989

Seaside Villas

15111-15923 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$750,00048Oceanfront1988

Segovia Tower

600 Coral Way

Coral Gables$1,700,00014City1998


10201 E Bay Harbor Dr

Bay Harbor Islands$810,00040Bay and City2016


101 20th Street

South Beach$2,099,000163Oceanfront2005

Skyline on Brickell

2101 Brickell Avenue


SLS Brickell

1300 Miami Avenue

Brickell$385,000450Bay and City2016


801 South Miami Avenue

Brickell$475,000528Bay and City2018

SMART Brickell

229 SW 9th Street



186 SE 12th Terrace

Brickell$325,000138Bay and City2006


17315 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$270,000147Oceanfront2007


9559 & 9595 Collins Avenue


South 27 Lofts

3001 SW 27th Ave

Coconut Grove$305,00030Bay and City2007

South Bay Club

800 West Avenue

South Beach$210,000344Bayfront1966

South Pointe Tower

400 S Pointe Drive

South Beach$849,000220Ocean & City1987

South Tower at the Point

21055 Yacht Club Drive

Aventura$525,000288Bay and City2002


7934 West Drive

North Bay Village$490,00054Bayfront2006


9499 Collins Avenue


St Louis Brickell Key

800 Claughton Island Drive

Brickell Key$565,000134Bayfront1995

St Regis Bal Harbour

9701 -9705 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$2,050,000275Oceanfront2011

St Tropez North Beach

7330 Ocean Terrace

Miami Beach North Beach$585,00092Oceanfront1999

St. Tropez

150 & 200 & 250 Sunny Isles Beach Blvd

Sunny Isles Beach$630,000270Intracoastal2009

Star Lofts

700 NE 25th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$259,00047Bayfront2007


6767 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$525,000184Oceanfront1991

Strand South Beach

1024 - 1060 Ocean Drive

South Beach$274,00087Oceanfront2005

Sunset Harbour

1800 & 1900 Sunset Harbour Drive

South Beach$650,000430Bayfront1996 & 1998

Surf Club

9001 & 9111 Collins Avenue


Ten Aragon

10 Aragon Avenue

Coral Gables$285,000150City2005

Ten Museum Park

1040 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$3,305,000200Bayfront2007

Terra Beachside Villas

6000 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$350,000117Bay and City2010

Terrace Towers

3 Island Avenue

South Beach$185,000144Bayfront1962

Terraces at Turnberry

20191 E Country Club Drive

Aventura$429,000295Ocean & Intracoastal1983

The Grande

9021 SW 94 Street


Three Tequesta Point

848 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$425,000237Bayfront2001


10175 Collins Avenue

Bal Harbour$750,000135Oceanfront1982


7360 SW 89 St

Dadeland$227,000396Bay and City2006

Tower House

5500 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$1,295,00084Ocean & City1974

Towers of Key Biscayne

1111 & 1121 Crandon Blvd

Key Biscayne$650,000538Oceanfront1972

Tribeca South Beach

1500 Michigan Avenue

South Beach$460,00012Bay and City1940

Triton Towers

2899 Collins Avenue

South Beach$199,000562Oceanfront1966

Trump International

18001 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$230,000374Oceanfront2003

Trump Palace

18101 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,150,000278Oceanfront2006

Trump Royale

18201 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$650,000278Oceanfront2009

Trump Towers One

16001 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$865,000271Oceanfront2007

Trump Towers Three

15811 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$785,000271Oceanfront2007

Trump Towers Two

15901 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$980,000271Oceanfront2007

Turnberry Isle North

19707 Turnberry Way

Aventura$265,000270Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Turnberry Isle South

19667 Turnberry Way

Aventura$235,000270Ocean & Intracoastal1980

Turnberry Ocean Club

18501 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$4,400,000154Oceanfront2020

Turnberry Ocean Colony

16047 & 16051 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles Beach$1,875,000260Oceanfront2006

Turnberry on the Green

19501 W. Country Club Dr

Aventura$229,000377Ocean, Bay &

Turnberry Towers

19355 Turnberry Way

Aventura$425,000318Ocean & Intracoastal1981

Turnberry Village

20000 E. Country Club Dr

Aventura$210,000455Ocean, Bay &

Two Tequesta Point

808 Brickell Key Drive

Brickell Key$423,000268Bayfront1998

UNA Residences

175 SE 25th Road


University Inn

1280 S. Alhambra Circle

Coral Gables$269,000146City1990

Uptown Lofts

2275 Biscayne Blvd

Edgewater Miami Midtown$255,00066Bay and City2005

Uptown Marina Lofts

3029 NE 188th Street



6001 SW 70th St South Miami

Coral Gables$184,900301City2004


555 NE 15 Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$150,000384Bayfront1980

Venetian Isle

801 N Venetian Drive

South Beach$650,00081Bayfront1981


18800 NE 29 Ave & 2775 NE 187th St



7700 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach North Beach$459,00010Ocean & City2004

Villa Brickell

1824 Brickell Avenue

Brickell$180,00016Bay and City2000

Villa del Mare

7201-7292 Fisher Island Drive

Fisher Island$4,500,00036Oceanfront1992

Villa Di Mare

5801 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach$3,750,00013Oceanfront2002

Villa Florini

101 Sidonia Avenue

Coral Gables$411,90048City2005

Villa Regina

1581 Brickell Avenue


Village by the Bay

3105 - 3225 NE 184 Street

Aventura$239,000374Ocean & Intracoastal1997


244 Biscayne Blvd & 253 NE 2nd Street

Miami Downtown$215,000849Bayfront2008

Vue at Brickell

1250 South Miami Avenue

Brickell$252,000323Bay and City2003

W South Beach

2201 Collins Avenue

South Beach$948,000511Oceanfront2009

Waldorf Astoria

330 Biscayne Blvd

Miami Downtown$750,000360Bay and City2025

Waters Edge

100 Edgewater Drive

Coral Gables$250,000130Waterfront1970


20505 & 20515 E Country Club Drive

Aventura$225,000198Ocean & Intracoastal1981

Waverly South Beach

1330 West Avenue

South Beach$360,000399Bayfront2001

Williams Island 1000

1000 Island Blvd

Aventura$349,000319Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Williams Island 2000

2000 Island Blvd

Aventura$299,000284Ocean & Intracoastal1995

Williams Island 2600

2600 Island Blvd

Aventura$1,185,000172Ocean & Intracoastal1997

Williams Island 2800

2800 Island Blvd

Aventura$299,000159Ocean & Intracoastal1990

Williams Island 3000

3000 Island Blvd

Aventura$400,000185Ocean & Intracoastal1989

Williams Island 4000

4000 Island Blvd

Aventura$240,000180Ocean & Intracoastal1985

Williams Island 7000

7000 Island Blvd

Aventura$540,000299Ocean & Intracoastal1998

Wind by Neo

350 S Miami Avenue

Miami River Brickell$240,000489Riverfront2008

Winston Towers

210-390 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$160,0002800Bay, City &

Winston Towers 100

250 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$315,000412Ocean & City1970

Winston Towers 200

251 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$269,000396Ocean & City1971

Winston Towers 300

230 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$229,000416Ocean & City1973

Winston Towers 400

231 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$248,000420Ocean & City1974

Winston Towers 500

301 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$229,000420Ocean & City1976

Winston Towers 600

210 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$259,000391Ocean & City1981

Winston Towers 700

290 NE 174th Street

Sunny Isles Beach$610,000390Ocean & City1980

Yacht Club at Aventura

19501 - 19999 E Country Club Drive

Aventura$262,000425Ocean & Intracoastal1994

Yacht Club at Portofino

90 Alton Road

South Beach$440,000361Bayfront1999

Yacht Harbour

2901 S Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove$449,900137Bayfront1975


444 NE 30th Street

Edgewater Miami Midtown$215,00062Bay and City2005

Z Ocean Hotel

1437 Collins Avenue

South Beach$319,00080Oceanfront2006