Fontainebleau II Floorplans

Fontainebleau-II Condos - Keyplan

Fontainebleau-II Condos - Keyplan

Floorplans for Fontainebleau-II Condos

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Model View Foyer Junior
One Bedroom Two Bedroom Terraces Total SqFt Floor Plans
01/03Northeast795169801,5755161,786 View
02/04Southeast795169801,5755161,786 View
05/07North735261,0021,6011901,791 View
06/08South735261,0021,6011901,791 View
09/11North735261,0021,6011901,791 View
10/12South735261,0021,6011901,791 View
14/16Southwest594911,0661,6162261,842 View
15/17Northwest594911,0661,6162261,842 View

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