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AddressYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
400 Sunny Isles400 Sunny Isles Blvd 2015 $699,000230Ocean & Intracoastal
Acqualina17875 Collins Avenue 2005 $2,345,000188 condos, 97 hotelOceanfront
Arlen House 100100 Bayview Dr 1975 $225,000600Ocean & Intracoastal
Arlen House 300300 Bayview Dr 1968 $189,000312Ocean & Intracoastal
Arlen House 500500 Bayview Dr 1969 $189,000312Ocean & Intracoastal
Armani Residences18975 Collins Avenue 2019 $1,500,000308Ocean & City
Aurora17550 Collins Avenue 2020 $915,00061Ocean & City
Chateau Beach17475 Collins Avenue 2015 $1,190,00084Oceanfront
Jade Beach17001 Collins Avenue 2008 $799,000248Oceanfront
Jade Ocean17121 Collins Avenue 2009 $940,000252Oceanfront
Jade Signature16901 Collins Avenue 2018 $650,000192Oceanfront
King David17555 Atlantic Blvd 2005 $399,00080
La Perla16699 Collins Avenue 2006 $650,000326Oceanfront
M Residences Marenas Resort18683 Collins Avenue 2005 $395,000210Oceanfront
Mansions at Acqualina17749 Collins Avenue 2015 $5,900,00079Oceanfront
Marina Bay Club18100 North Bay Road 2002 $495,00099Bay and City
Millennium18671 Collins Avenue 1999 $800,000120Oceanfront
Muse17141 Collins Avenue 2018 $2,500,00068Oceanfront
Ocean Four17201 Collins Avenue 2006 $779,000264Oceanfront
Ocean One19333 Collins Avenue 1999 $975,000241Oceanfront
Ocean Point Beach Club17375 Collins Avenue 2000 $369,000166Oceanfront
Ocean Reserve19370 Collins Avenue 1972 $259,000398Intracoastal
Ocean Three18911 Collins Avenue 2003 $859,000215Oceanfront
Ocean Two19111 Collins Avenue 2001 $1,175,000254Oceanfront
Ocean View19380 & 19390 Collins Ave 1971 $210,000811Intracoastal
Oceania I16425 Collins Avenue 1990 $675,000164Oceanfront
Oceania II16445 Collins Avenue 1993 $519,000165Oceanfront
Oceania III16485 Collins Avenue 1991 $650,000164Oceanfront
Oceania IV16400 Collins Avenue 1995 $595,000158Bay, City &
Oceania V16500 Collins Avenue 2003 $929,000158Bay, City &
Parque Towers330 Sunny Isles Blvd 2019 $800,000320Ocean & Intracoastal
Pinnacle17555 Collins Avenue 1998 $900,000242Oceanfront
Porsche Design Tower18555 Collins Avenue 2017 $3,695,000132Oceanfront
Porto Bellagio17100 - 17150 N Bay Road 2003 $259,000500Intracoastal
Regalia19575 Collins Avenue 2014 $7,995,00039Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Sunny Isles15701 Collins Avenue 2020 $2,450,000210Oceanfront
Sands Pointe16711 Collins Avenue 1996 $750,000227Oceanfront
Sayan16275 Collins Avenue 2007 $590,00092Oceanfront
Sole17315 Collins Avenue 2007 $270,000147Oceanfront
St. Tropez150 & 200 & 250 Sunny Isles Beach Blvd 2009 $630,000270Intracoastal
Trump International18001 Collins Avenue 2003 $230,000374Oceanfront
Trump Palace18101 Collins Avenue 2006 $1,150,000278Oceanfront
Trump Royale18201 Collins Avenue 2009 $650,000278Oceanfront
Trump Towers One16001 Collins Avenue 2007 $865,000271 per towerOceanfront
Trump Towers Three15811 Collins Avenue 2007 $785,000271 per towerOceanfront
Trump Towers Two15901 Collins Avenue 2007 $980,000271 per towerOceanfront
Turnberry Ocean Club18501 Collins Avenue 2019 $4,000,000154Oceanfront
Turnberry Ocean Colony16047 & 16051 Collins Avenue 2006 $1,875,000260Oceanfront
Winston Towers210-390 174th Street 1972 $160,0002800Bay, City &
Winston Towers 100250 NE 174th Street 1970 $315,000412Ocean & City
Winston Towers 200251 NE 174th Street 1971 $269,000396Ocean & City
Winston Towers 300230 NE 174th Street 1973 $229,000416Ocean & City
Winston Towers 400231 NE 174th Street 1974 $248,000420Ocean & City
Winston Towers 500301 NE 174th Street 1976 $229,000420Ocean & City
Winston Towers 600210 NE 174th Street 1981 $259,000391Ocean & City
Winston Towers 700290 NE 174th Street 1980 $610,000390Ocean & City

Sunny Isles Beach Condos - Luxury Oceanfront Condos

Over twenty-five Sunny Isles Beach condos line the Atlantic Ocean and there are a dozen more in the under construction phase of their development. Witness some of the most beautiful residential architecture in the world, with designs by Kobi Karp, Carlos Ott and the Seiger-Suarez partnership! Many of the oceanfront condos for sale in Sunny Isles Beach are state-of-the-art buildings that offer international-class amenities and the Miami Condo Lifestyle team understands the marketing requirements of this neighborhood.

What used to be an "old Florida" resort town has come of age in the new millenium. Real estate sales are booming with glass high-rise condos and internationally branded condo-hotels.

The city of Aventura lies to the west over Lehman causeway, just a hop, skip and a jump to the Aventura Mall, The Waterways, and their shops and restaurants. Owning a Sunny Isles Condo provides you with world-class resort amenities and oceanfront living, yet easy access to the city of Aventura.

Many part-time winter residents choose a condominium in Sunny Isles, because the warm tropical waters are just outside all of the Sunny Isles condos making it the perfect place to escape from the frozen winters that the rest of the country endures. The Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can help find you the perfect place.

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a luxury condo in South Florida, Sunny Isles may be just right. With so many new residents moving to Sunny Isles Beach everyday, condominium values continue to rise.

Sunny Isles Beach Condos - Featured New Construction

Sunny Isles Beach Condos for sale or rent

In addition to the condos for sale, there are also many for rent. The large singles community makes condominium rental a good option for many young professionals. With all that Sunny Isles Beach has to offer, the Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can ensure that you will find the perfect place to call home!

Sunny Isles Beach Condos for sale or rent

To see which Sunny Isles Beach condos are available for sale and rent, please click on the logos of the newer buildings above or click on the individual building names in the table above to access every available condo in the entire Sunny Isles Beach condo inventory. For your convenience, you can sort the table of Sunny Isles Beach condos by clicking the column headers, and can filter by entering in the text to filter by in the boxes at the tops of the columns.

Interactive Map of Sunny Isles Beach Condos

Blue pins show existing condos. Orange pins show condos under construction. Tap or click pin for details.