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AddressYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
5600 Collins5600 Collins Avenue 1967 $295,000288Ocean & City
57 Ocean5775 Collins Avenue 2021 $1,600,00071Oceanfront
6000 Indian Creek6000 Indian Creek Drive 2006 $585,00034Bayfront
6080 Collins6080 Collins Avenue 2019 $416,00073Ocean & City
Alexander5225 Collins Avenue 1962 $389,000230Oceanfront
Aqua6101-6103 Aqua Avenue 2005 $899,000105Bayfront
Bath Club5959 Collins Avenue 2005 $1,475,000112Oceanfront
Blue Diamond4779 Collins Avenue 2000 $850,000315Oceanfront
Capobella5025 Collins Avenue 1995 $1,095,00084Oceanfront
Carriage Club5005 Collins Avenue 1964 $296,000331Oceanfront
Carriage House5401 Collins Avenue 1967 $300,000385Oceanfront
Castle Beach Club5445 Collins Ave 1966 $230,000570Oceanfront
Corinthian5825 Collins Avenue 1967 $350,000134Oceanfront
Crystal House5055 Collins Avenue 1961 $309,000165Oceanfront
Executive4925 Collins Avenue 1959 $385,000101Oceanfront
Fontainebleau II4401 Collins Avenue 2005 $675,000460Oceanfront
Fontainebleau III4391Collins Avenue 2008 $669,000286Oceanfront
Grandview5900 Collins Avenue 1998 $550,000123Ocean & City
Green Diamond4775 Collins Avenue 2000 $699,000315Oceanfront
Imperial House5255 Collins Avenue 1963 $370,000127Oceanfront
L´Excellence5757 Collins Avenue 1991 $535,000137Oceanfront
La Costa5333 Collins Avenue 1964 $375,000123Ocean & City
La Tour4201 Collins Avenue 1995 $925,00067Oceanfront
Maison Grande6039 Collins Avenue 1971 $329,000502Oceanfront
MEi5875 Collins Avenue 2008 $650,000134Oceanfront
Mimosa4747 Collins Avenue 1962 $265,000221Oceanfront
Oceanside Plaza5555 Collins Avenue 1967 $270,000299Oceanfront
Pavilion5601 Collins Avenue 1968 $285,000405Oceanfront
Ritz Carlton Miami Beach4701 Meridian Ave 2019 $2,000,000111 condos, 15 villasBay and City
Seacoast 51515151 Collins Avenue 1966 $369,000444Oceanfront
Seacoast 57005700 Collins Avenue 1968 $315,000176Ocean & City
Terra Beachside Villas6000 Collins Avenue 2010 $350,000117Bay and City
Tower House5500 Collins Avenue 1974 $1,295,00084Ocean & City
Villa Di Mare5801 Collins Avenue 2002 $2,850,00013Oceanfront

Miami Beach Condos - Luxury Oceanfront Condos

Often known as a playground to the stars, this area lures the Who's Who, the "wannabes", and those looking for a great time.

Miami Beach is a series of islands about three miles away from downtown. The sandy beaches draw in those who love to swim, surf, and play among the waves. Many choose to flaunt their brand new bikini made by the newest designer. Models are plentiful here and are often seen involved in a photo shoot in this area. This area has developed into a hot spot for TV, film, and movies.

Celebrities not only visit this Mecca but also own part of it. Many restaurants are owned by stars, who bring unique flavor to the area. Besides the typical international tastes, many eateries serve up unique mixtures of sushi, California cuisine, crepes, Cuban, Argentinean, and other foods never before merged into the same menu selection. Talented chefs here can truly make their mark, be discovered, and create a new taste trend for the rest of the nation. Many restaurants have outdoor patios next to the heavily traveled Lincoln Road, which serves only foot traffic.

Lincoln Road is the place to shop, eat, walk, and enjoy culture. Here residents can see a symphony or Broadway performance or stroll through the art galleries, and historic buildings, and monumentally artistic luxury hotels, complete with spas and pools.

Miami Beach Condos

Miami Beach Condos

This is also where the créme de la créme of the fashion world shop and sell their wares. Residents here can pick up the newest styles before everyone else discovers these new fads. Designers such as Benneton, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, and Hugo Boss are among the many who have stores in this region. Besides outrageous fashions, shoppers can find avant-garde accessories for their home or office to make their surroundings the ultimate in hip. Funky bookstores here are great for people watching and for picking up a controversial new coffee table book.

Magazines such as Ocean Drive are distributed nationwide to show the rest of the world what they are missing by not being in South Beach. The sun, waves, skin, style, and fun are all here for the taking. Motorized scooters, cycles, and roller blades swerve in between the traffic that lines up here, especially at night, when South Beach really comes alive.

Greater Miami is a culturally diverse area and this is evident in this area as well. Yet all cultures dress to impress as they valet park and head for the clubs. Visitors easily hop between clubs. These smoke filled establishments pack in guests like sardines, swaying to everything from the Latin drum and Salsa rhythm to Techno and Electronic gyrations. Partygoers can party all night, dancing, dining, and drinking at some of the most stylish and exciting bars around. Then they can stroll on the boardwalk near the beach and wind down before grabbing a dainty dessert for the trip home.

Miami Beach Condos Featured New Construction

Miami Beach Condos for sale or rent

In addition to the condos for sale, there are also many for rent. The large singles community makes condominium rental a good option for many young professionals. With all that Miami Beach has to offer, the Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can ensure that you will find the perfect place to call home!

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