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AddressYear BuiltMinimum PriceUnitsViews
1010 Brickell1010 Brickell Ave 2017 $360,000387Bay and City
1060 Brickell Avenue 1050 &1060 Brickell Ave 2008 $273,000576Bay and City
500 Brickell500 Brickell Ave 2008 $295,000633Bay and City
Atlantis on Brickell2025 Brickell Avenue 1982 $425,00096Bayfront
Axis on Brickell1101 S Miami Avenue
79 SW 12th Street
2008 $309,000788Bay and City
Bond Brickell1080 Brickell Avenue 2016 $268,000323Bay and City
Brickell Bay Club2333 Brickell Avenue 1974 $348,000452Bayfront
Brickell City Centre68 SE 6 ST & 88 SE 7 St 2016 $515,000820 condo,263 hotelBay and City
Brickell East151 SE 15 Road 1983 $559,00065Bay and City
Brickell Flatiron1001 Miami Avenue 2019 $450,000552Bay and City
Brickell Harbour200 SE 15th Road 1974 $285,000162Bay and City
Brickell Heights45 SW 9th St 2017 $400,000358Bay and City
Brickell House1300 Brickell Bay Drive 2014 $235,000374Bay and City
Brickell Place1865 & 1901 &, 1915 & 1925 Brickell Avenue 1975-1980 $273,9001000Bayfront
Brickell Ten1010 SW 2nd Avenue 2017 $285,000155Bay and City
Brickell Townhouse2451 Brickell Avenue 1963 $248,000359Bayfront
Bristol Tower2127 Brickell Ave 1993 $847,000147Bayfront
Cassa Brickell201 SW 17 Road 2016 $370,00081Bay and City
Club at Brickell Bay1200 Brickell Bay Dr 2004 $200,000642Bay and City
Echo Brickell1451 Brickell Avenue 2017 $529,000180Bay and City
Emerald at Brickell218 SE 14th Street 2006 $264,000142Bay and City
Espirito Santo Plaza1395 Brickell Avenue 2004 $280,000136Bay and City
Fortune House185 SE 14th Terrace 1998 $198,000296Bay and City
Four Ambassadors901 Brickell Bay Drive 1968 $180,000748Bayfront
Four Seasons Brickell1425 Brickell Avenue 2004 $350,000270Bayfront
ICON Brickell475 Brickell Avenue 2008 $279,000745Bayfront
Icon Brickell Three W Miami 485 Brickell Avenue 2009 $270,000500Bayfront
ICON Brickell Two495 Brickell Avenue 2009 $400,000550Bayfront
Imperial at Brickell1627 Brickell Avenue 1983 $410,000161Bayfront
Infinity at Brickell60 SW 13TH Street 2009 $195,000459Bay and City
Jade Brickell1331 Brickell Bay Drive 2004 $400,000338Bayfront
Le Parc at Brickell1600 SW 1st Avenue 2016 $290,000124Bay and City
Mark on Brickell1155 Brickell Bay Drive 2001 $299,000370Bayfront
Metropolitan2475 Brickell Avenue 2001 $284,900199Bayfront
Millecento Residences1100 S. Miami Avenue 2015 $215,000382Bay and City
My Brickell31 SE 6th St 2013 $230,000192Bay and City
NINE Mary Brickell Village999 SW 1st Avenue 2015 $329,000390Bay and City
Palace on Brickell1541 Brickell Avenue 1981 $575,000254Bayfront
Plaza on Brickell951 Brickell Avenue 2008 $309,5001000Bay and City
REACH Brickell City Center68 SE 6th Street 2016 $540,000390Bay and City
RISE Brickell City Center88 SW 7th Street 2016 $499,000390Bay and City
Sail on Brickell170 SE 14th St 2006 $225,000240Bay and City
Santa Maria Brickell1643 Brickell Avenue 1997 $1,575,000174Bayfront
Skyline on Brickell2101 Brickell Avenue 2004 $315,000360Bayfront
SLS Brickell1300 Miami Avenue 2016 $565,000450Bay and City
SLS LUX801 South Miami Avenue 2018 $550,000450,78 hotel suitesBay and City
SMART Brickell255 SW 9th Street 2021 $319,00050City
Solaris186 SE 12th Terrace 2006 $290,000138Bay and City
UNA Residences175 SE 25th Road 2020 $942,000135Bay and City
Villa Brickell1824 Brickell Avenue 2000 $180,00016Bay and City
Villa Regina1581 Brickell Avenue 1982 $400,000120Bayfront
Vue at Brickell1250 South Miami Avenue 2003 $252,000323Bay and City

Brickell Condos - Luxury Bayfront Condos

Brickell Avenue is world famous for its groundbreaking expansion of the condominium developments in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Many of these early Brickell condos on the southern end of Brickell Avenue are considered the finest residences Miami has to offer. Secure behind gated entrances and yet seconds from downtown, these towers were the forefathers of the current Brickell Avenue condo building boom.

With over thirty Brickell condo towers completed , Brickell Avenue has reached a "tipping point" or critical mass to become the most desirable residential neighborhood in Miami.

The entire world is flocking to Miami, and especially the Brickell Avenue Corridor. The cultural diversity for which Miami is known is seen in the many international banks, businesses and high-rise condominiums that now dominate Brickell Avenue. Rising out of the tropical hammock of banyan and royal palm trees that line Brickell Avenue, is the new skyline of sixty story plus residential towers and hotels. The Brickell area of Miami has emerged as the cosmopolitan center for international business and luxury living over the years.

Drive along Brickell Avenue and you'll see why it is often called the "Wall Street of the South." Brickell is home to hundreds of international and domestic financial institutions. The 5 million square feet of office space along with Brickell's proximity to the State and Federal courthouses, has caused tremendous growth in the accounting and legal practices located here. Miami deserves the title Free Trade Capital of the Americas and is home to many consulates from around the globe, plus bi-national chambers of commerce and foreign trade offices.

The Brickell condos towering above the azure waters of Biscayne Bay create one of the most architecturally distinctive skylines in the world. The luxury condos on Brickell Avenue now and the new ones that are rising offer an incomparably luxurious lifestyle to their residents. The friendly neighborhood charm of Brickell and the new Mary Brickell Village continues to draw more residents who are fed-up with commuting from the suburbs and would rather live "in town" and cut their driving time.

Possibly the greatest luxury enjoyed by Brickell's diverse population of young professionals, empty-nesters, and international business people is the sense of community that is so rare in most urban settings. The residents of Brickell condos feel safe enough to walk their dogs at night, go for a bicycle ride or a quick jog over Rickenbacker Causeway all the while enjoying the shade of the mammoth banyon trees overhead.

Magnificent panoramic views inspire those who live and work on Brickell to see virtually all that is within their reach. The skyline of South Beach at night, the fireworks displays on holidays remind Brickell condo owners of just how wonderful Miami is. Plus if you're a sports fan, you'll have plenty to cheer about; the Miami Heat play at the American Airlines Arena in downtown and the Dolphins and Marlins are just 20 Minutes north at Dolphins Stadium.

Another obvious advantage to living in a Brickell condo is the easy access to the rest of the area on the Metro-Mover and Metro-Rail which connect to Tri-Rail which can take you north to Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Visit Brickell and you'll see for yourself that today is surely your best opportunity to own your own Brickell condo residence!

Brickell Condos for sale or rent

In addition to the condos for sale, there are also many for rent. The large singles community makes condominium rental a good option for many young professionals. With all that Brickell has to offer, the Miami Condo Lifestyle Team can ensure that you will find the perfect place to call home!

Brickell Condos for sale or rent

To see which Brickell condos are available for sale and rent, please click on the logos of the newer buildings above or click on the individual building names in the table above to access every available condo in the entire Brickell condo inventory. For your convenience, you can sort the table of Brickell condos by clicking the column headers, and can filter by entering in the text to filter by in the boxes at the tops of the columns.

Interactive Map of Brickell Condos

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